Wednesday, July 14, 2010

热辣辣Summer の Hong Kong - Day 3

Lan Fong Yuen(兰芳园) is a gem in the city! Credit goes to Chris for such a great find! They are famous for its 金牌猪排包. Ok I admit. Pork is not my thing, most of the time. You know, my Chinese horoscope is Pig and they are cute and… ok, before I feel even more guilty, let’s continue… -_-

The sinful 金牌猪排包 (Signature Pork Chop Bun) – Surprisingly, it’s not as oily & heavy as I thought it would be. The pork chop slice is quite thin and small in size, which means, less guilt! :D It is thin but juicy. Nice!

午餐肉煎蛋出前一丁 (Nissin Noodle with Luncheon Meat & Fried Egg) – how do they make such a simple instant noodle into something so tasty? Might sound a bit exaggerated here, but it is the by far the best Nissin noodle I’ve tasted.

絲襪奶茶 (Milk Tea) – with the right amount of sweetness, reasonably strong taste of tea and smooth texture.

Cheers, to bad fats!

Took ferry to cross the sea to Central. It’s more time consuming to opt for ferry instead of MTR but to get in touch with their culture, it’s something you should do :)

(Not quite) enjoying the warm sea breeze ~

We discovered a new place to enjoy the harbour view at IFC Mall – the open air rooftop!

Tables and chairs are provided to the public, so you may sit freely without having to order anything from the restaurant. It happened to be a day off for Philippine maids, so there were a few groups of them mingling around while enjoying the foods they brought their own. All in all, it’s not a very ideal hangout place during summer’s afternoon when the sun ray is at its highest peak. Unless you want to risk getting burned!

I was sunbathing, not! My skin has had enough of UV rays consumption -_-

The panaromic view from the rooftop.

and The skyscraper – IFC Tower

Now, I need some icy cold stuffs to cool down.....

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream from La Maison Du Chocolat. I was expecting a bitter chocolate taste but it turns out to be rather sweet.

Mmmmm, I’m cool now :) Can even advertise for City Super!

To avoid the sunrays, one can still enjoy the harbour view in the mall through the enormous glass panel.

After IFC, we just mall-hop from one mall to another till our feet was numb towards the feeling of pain and soreness -_-

Cute and colorful Nissin Noodle’s advertisement along the subway. What a good entertainment for pedestrians. It’s like u have walked into an enormous kitchen with endless Nissin Noodle! Creative, creative, creative!

Woo hoo! Finally, I can have a taste of the 淸甜冬瓜盅 that I was craving for, at Maxims! Sluurpps :9

淸甜冬瓜盅 (Winter Melon Soup) – A nutritious and refreshing soup after a hot day! The whole thing is eatable, except the skin, of course. The winter melon’s flesh tasted a bit bland though, all of its sweetness went into the soup. I bet it is good for a heat-y body. Good to wind down the body after exposed to the sun for all day long.

明爐燒味雙拼 (2 combo of your choice – Chicken and Barbecued Pork)

金盞橙花雞球 (Orange Chicken) - goes well with rice :)

A satisfying meal to end the tiring day! ^^


  1. Wow. Must go your places when my turn go hk :)

  2. Hey Pat,
    I didnt visit many new places this time round :) so i dont have much interesting places to reccommend. But yeah, you may drop by at the IFC rooftop on your next trip! oh ya, i did credit your blog on my Day 2 post, just to show my appreciation :P

  3. seems like you've alr know HK in and out. I've never been there, need to plan for HK trip liao. So much nice delicious food; especially pork which my husband will surely love it!!

  4. I’m definitely not. There’s still so much places I have yet to explore :) You should Bel, you’ll never regret it! :) Keep an eye on Air Asia’s promo!!

  5. I'm gonna be fat & eat eat eat those delicious foods @ HK. U seem know hk places really well~

  6. Ya girl, forget bout that diet for once! :D


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