Tuesday, July 13, 2010

热辣辣Summer の Hong Kong - Day 2

Due to mild food poisoning, Chris had a slight fever and running nose. Did not went to see doctor though, just bought some medicine at pharmacy. Poor Chris…being sick during holiday sucks! We went out anyway. I offered to carry the camera bag. As expected, my shoulder felt sour after some time. Ugggh! This is one of the effort for nice photos :/

Attracted to the imitation food display, we went up to a Japanese restaurant for crepes. We had Custard Cream Crepe and Banana & Chocolate Crepe.

I would say the crepes at The Curve (Damansara) is way tastier than this. Oppss.

Next, to Elements at Kowloon.

A brand new shopping centre in town. The theme of the shopping mall is based on, well, elements. The Five Chinese elements - Fire, Metal, Water, Earth & Wood. Inside, there are a whole array of high-end & branded shops and boutiques.

Swarovski Benz in the mall @@

A nice mall to chill out and window shopping but for bargain hunters like us, uh uh. Especially when we were on a tight schedule, just don’t wish to waste too much time here.

Lunch Time! It’s a crime if you don’t eat a bowl or two Wanton Noodle at HK :P We had ours at 麦奀云吞面.

云吞面 – Springy noodles! And the wanton’s ingredient is something to rave about. Succulent prawns and shredded 黑木耳 (wood ear) inside the wanton are the main ingredients for its bouncy texture. Love!


Tsing Ma Bridge (青马大桥) is one of the must-visit in our itinerary this time. It is a famous landmark of Hong Kong. Thus, we as a HK fans, must pay a visit at least once :p It is quite far from the city though, it took us at least 1 hour of traveling time. Here, I gotta credit a blogger for the guidelines on his/her blog :)

Tsing Ma Bridge

We walked to the beach and saw a few couple posing for their pre-wedding photoshoot. It is certainly a hot spot for wedding photoshooting. Or it might be a privilege for the famous bridal salon at HK, Monalisa? Their rather posh bridal shop is located just right at a building near the beach.

Our D-I-Y pre-wedding shots?? LOL!

Along the beach, there are high-rise condominiums that worth millions for people who earn the big bucks!

Somehow, it was not a very pleasurable experience. It was a humid sunny day + the long travelling time..sweats + sticky feeling… hmmm :/ But I do enjoy the view and the beach, I do…

Travelled all the way back to Kowloon and had a good long walk to Maxim’s Restaurant. Arrgh, it was closed at 10pm! I wanted to try their Summer Special Menu 淸甜冬瓜盅 (Winter Melon Soup) so bad. I gave a gusty sigh and Chris said “Never mind, we still have tomorrow”. End up, we had some light snacks and desserts at Hui Lau Shan (許留山).

Guess what, that was my 1st time to Hui Lau Shan, at my 4th visit to HK =.= Hui Lau Shan is yet another popular chain-based dessert shop. Can hardly miss out from your sight. This chain-based shop thingy is quite a culture in HK. Once it’s popular, it’ll mushroom everywhere in the city.

多芒果捞河 – bursting with Mango flavor – Lots of mango cubes & coconut-jelly-noodles drench in Mango puree concoction with a scoop of Mango shaved ice on top. A perfect cooling dessert for summer!

XO酱萝卜糕 – and we thought Hui Lau Shan is only good at desserts but this XO Sauce White Radish Cake proves us wrong. Lightly pan fried and served with XO Sauce on top, not only smells good but taste so good, you’ll want more.

萝卜糕 – without the XO Sauce but manage to be categorized as “Good” in my humble little list.

With a half-full tummy, we packed some light foods at the ever-so-convenient 7-Eleven and… grabbed a few gossips magazine! It’s something you must do in HK! :D


  1. Bought it on the very 1st day of arrival :P LOL, can’t wait to wear it!


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