Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An almost spontaneous gathering @ TGI

After this, I will never doubt the efficiency of Agnes when it comes to planning a spontaneous gathering. On the way back from our night out, we kind of casually said that we shall have a gathering with Hani one day to catch up the latest gossips, maybe the coming week or so. But just a couple of hours after, I received a morning call from her about having lunch with Hani later in the noon! How efficient.. too efficient in fact! So there we were, all gathered in IOI Mall having lunch at TGI while sharing the latest gossips :)

Main Course: Gossips, Lame Jokes….
Side Dishes: Buffalo Wings, Jack Daniel’s Salmon, Grilled Salmon…. :D

Buffalo Wings

Jack Daniel’s Salmon - with a tinge of sweetness of alcohol to it.

Grilled Salmon - Ok, I got something to rant here. My portion of salmon fish was the smallest among the 3 plates of Grilled Salmon. I know I’m faaaat, but do they really need to do this to me? T3T *emo*

I mean look at Agnes (2nd from left). She is a mom of one baby boy, can you imagine? So stick skinny and that's not something she is happy for. She wants to be fatter! How unfair to fat people like me! fml x 1 ~
And you Selina, you have the flattest waist that a girl can ask for! fml x 2 ~
And Hani, she has a pair of big beautiful round eyes which I wish to have. fml x 3 ~

With Honey Madu Tersayang ~

What’s better than sharing gossips during a leisure Saturday afternoon? :) The feeling of contentment after talking non-stop for hours - great! Come to think of it, I rarely talk much nowadays as I’m always alone in the office. The Drama Queen has became The Dumb Queen. *sigh*

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