Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quattro & Jalan Alor

I know I know, it hasn’t been easy to ask me out to a clubbing date. I have retired from that party-animal-era a long time ago. Now I’m more into a gathering over dinner or drinks. I’m tired of the smoke odor that lingers in my hair, tired of waking up with a sore feet and the most of all, I’ve grown old, perhaps :D However, after some relentless persuasion from two little devilish BFF (Best Friend Forever), I succumbed to the dark side! -_- To my defense, I was told that we’ll just have drinks at Luna Bar. Since I never been to Luna Bar and Chris willing to come along, I thought it wasn’t a bad idea after all.

The plan, however, starts rocking once I entered Selina’s car. She kept on muttering “Let’s go clubbing la..clubbing, bing, bing, bing……” Anyhow, the majority prefers the idea of going to Luna Bar more. Hence, there we were standing in front of Luna Bar’s counter still deciding whether to go in or not. The ending of the story? WE ALL succumbed to the dark side and went to Quattro (Avenue K) instead! Hideous. Not a happy ending for all but it surely was a happy ending for someone – Selina :) Haha!

To be honest, the R&B songs at Quattro that night were rather boring and dull. Where’re all the Lady Gaga’s songs? At a point, some even started to yawn. Exclude KK out, because he has been yawning all night! Plus, it was not as crowded as last time. Maybe all went to Gsix, the new clubbing hotspot that Agnes & Selina have been raving all about?

After about 1 ½ hour inside, we declared that we have had enough of “standing”.

Late night supper at Jalan Alor, KL before we end our night out. There is a whole array of hawker food along Jalan Alor. But the one that Chris and I went the other day was closed that night. So we made a quick and clever decision by picking another restaurant which has more diners, or so we thought. Some foods were below average, if not crappy…. The BBQ Chicken Wings tasted ok though.

BBQ Chicken Wings

Below average - Char Keuy Teow, Hokkien Mee & Orr Jian

Dull and boring time at clubbing + crappy supper = a failed night out? Nah, not exactly. I enjoyed the companion and the laughter that we had. Enjoyed hugging the sexy wild leopard Selina and most of all, enjoyed creating dramas with Agnes like how we used to be! We are like.. the most compatible Drama Queen :D

To us, Cheers!


  1. Ehemm.... I where got yawning? I am just trying to catch my breath. Not enuff oxygen.

  2. Ahh hah, so I suppose old man needs more oxygen? Wahaha


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