Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Monday.

Was not quite my day….

First, I did a minor error on invoice. My boss is undoubtedly a nice boss – understanding, gives freedom and all but there are some little things that he is quite particular one like Invoice, Do & Stocks. But all these are understandable as he is the boss of the company; of course he has to be careful of all little tiny details to avoid any complication as well as to maintain the company’s image. He neither scold nor lecture me, he just asked me to check everything properly before letting him sign. But I was frustrated with myself for being so careless. How could I do such mistake when I’m not even busy? *sigh* and that’s not all.....
One customer claimed that he didn’t receive the catalogue that was sent by courier by me. Man, I already wrote sender’s address and telephone number accordingly this time. If there is any problem, they would have called us already by now. What have I done wrong again? What’s more, the consignment note was missing!! RAWR….. I remember clearly that I placed it together with that bunch of claims. Now, it’s gone to nowhere. Thus, I had to search ups & downs for that copy of consignment note. I even had to beg the counter clerk of the courier services to let me search for the consignment note myself. When I finally got it, they clerk check for me the status of delivery through internet and the status was ‘Sent/Received’. So what’s the problem here? I told my boss and eventually found out that, I delivered to the incorrect branch. But not totally my fault because my boss didn’t inform me earlier which address to send to.
(I purposely make the font smaller because the whining is simply too looooong)

My Blue Monday, nevertheless, turned out to be not-so-blue when Chris gave me a little surprise at night :) Chris brought me to KLCC for dinner, on a Monday night! That was a rare thing because who would want to go through the fuss of driving 45 mins to KL and risk getting caught in traffic jam for a dinner during weekday. I thought it was a pure joke because Chris always loves to fool me! Not given any time for preparation (which I would have if I chose to believe it earlier), I went with my old tees, shorts and slipper, with my specs on O-O I was praying so hard that I won’t bump into someone I knew that night. Lucky us, the traffic was so smooth and we reached “The Jagung” in less than 45mins.

We had a relaxed dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, one of our favourite in KLCC. We also opted for the open air dining area overlooking the KLCC Park’s fountain. Apart from those annoying mozzies, everything’s great.

Our all time fav. – BBQ Chicken Salad with lotsa Nachos

Pan-grilled Salmon with spaghetti and asparagus

Oh look what we found inside Isetan – a Kindori (temporary) ice cream booth! Yay! Perfect for a cheer-me-up :D

I was sent back home with a lifted up spirit that night. Above all, it was Chris little effort to cheer me up that makes me feel so grateful. Grateful to have such a lovely person in my life :)


  1. Hi Joey, is me Laura from Australia :D thanks for drop by my blog. R u Belinda' friend?

    I love your blog & also like your photography, I never been to KL love to visit if got a chance

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for hopping by too :) Yeah, I'm Bel's ex-primary schoolmates. I noticed your blog because you always drop comments at Bel's blog :)

    Oh thanks for your sweet compliments, so kind of u! Can't believe you never been to KL! I thought Bel said that you'll visit KL next year?

  3. Yes, joey it will be on next yr March. But, we stay one night and went straight to HK & China and coming back to KL. We should keep in touch also with Belinda that time and see we can meet up at city.

    KL airport consider or not?? LOLOLOLOl seriously I nvr been to city, always transit and fly back. T_T


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