Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kuala Selangor & Sekinchan

I was thinking whether I should include ‘Kuala Selangor’ in the post title because we spent most of the time at Sekinchan rather than Kuala Selangor :D

Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan might not be a popular tourist spot but it’s somewhat a refreshing experience for a KLites like me who never have a ‘kampung’. There’re two things to do at this two places – eat seafood and buy seafood! Chris’s mum has a bunch of relatives over there, so she knows pretty well where to get the best bargain, it’s at her fingertips! This humble post certainly can’t be any useful guidelines but I’ll share some interesting pieces that came across my eyes :)

Once I stepped out from the car, I can smell the smell of ‘kampung’ already :P The smell can be described better in Hokkien which is ‘giam pang’ (salty). LOL! The smells was like an invisible signboard that stated “Welcome to The Fishing Village!”.

Lunch at Restoran Guan Hwat, Sekinchan.

Their signature Spicy/Sambal Prawn. Suprisingly, it was cooked using minced prawn instead of prawns in its whole. But don’t judge it yet because the taste was explosive! So aromatic, so full of flavours, I think I can easily eat a few bowl of rice with this alone.

Salted Vege & Tofu Soup with Shark Fillet. Shark…. ? o.O

Fried Sweet Potato Leaves

Gong Bo Squid and assorted dishes which I can’t think of a name -.– all which tasted great ~

A curious city girl :P

And the fresh seafood hunting begun…. Went to countless small and big market. Most of them are located on the shore, on top of a platform which they built higher from the sea level. You’ll have to walk on some short connection bridges to get to the market. But don’t look down just yet. There’s mud, dead fish, wastage disposal and miscellaneous stuff just right below……. mmmmh...

The freshest catch of the day with the best deal

“Fresh” salted fish soaking under the sun

Salted fish, anyone?

Pre-packed salted fish.

Pre-fried prawn crackers

‘Siham’ Mountain.

Tea time at Restoran Seafood Tanjung Karang. Well, nothing to shout about. Apparently, their grilled squid is nice but the whole restaurant was bought over by another owner already. Surely, the chef has changed too. Not our luck…

Lala Fried Mihun, Salted Egg Mantis Prawn & Fried Calamari


At night! We savour on meals cooked with the freshest ingredients, by Chris’s mum.

Lala Mihun Soup

and Boiled Shrimp.

and Bloody Cockles.


  1. haha...i like bloody siham

  2. i m hungry for the spicy prawn now..

  3. me toooo.... *saliva dropping, tummy growling* u learn how to cook la!

  4. aww,...I missed Malaysian foods so much. btw, I finally I updated my blog! sorry took so long.


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