Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An almost spontaneous gathering @ TGI

After this, I will never doubt the efficiency of Agnes when it comes to planning a spontaneous gathering. On the way back from our night out, we kind of casually said that we shall have a gathering with Hani one day to catch up the latest gossips, maybe the coming week or so. But just a couple of hours after, I received a morning call from her about having lunch with Hani later in the noon! How efficient.. too efficient in fact! So there we were, all gathered in IOI Mall having lunch at TGI while sharing the latest gossips :)

Main Course: Gossips, Lame Jokes….
Side Dishes: Buffalo Wings, Jack Daniel’s Salmon, Grilled Salmon…. :D

Buffalo Wings

Jack Daniel’s Salmon - with a tinge of sweetness of alcohol to it.

Grilled Salmon - Ok, I got something to rant here. My portion of salmon fish was the smallest among the 3 plates of Grilled Salmon. I know I’m faaaat, but do they really need to do this to me? T3T *emo*

I mean look at Agnes (2nd from left). She is a mom of one baby boy, can you imagine? So stick skinny and that's not something she is happy for. She wants to be fatter! How unfair to fat people like me! fml x 1 ~
And you Selina, you have the flattest waist that a girl can ask for! fml x 2 ~
And Hani, she has a pair of big beautiful round eyes which I wish to have. fml x 3 ~

With Honey Madu Tersayang ~

What’s better than sharing gossips during a leisure Saturday afternoon? :) The feeling of contentment after talking non-stop for hours - great! Come to think of it, I rarely talk much nowadays as I’m always alone in the office. The Drama Queen has became The Dumb Queen. *sigh*

Quattro & Jalan Alor

I know I know, it hasn’t been easy to ask me out to a clubbing date. I have retired from that party-animal-era a long time ago. Now I’m more into a gathering over dinner or drinks. I’m tired of the smoke odor that lingers in my hair, tired of waking up with a sore feet and the most of all, I’ve grown old, perhaps :D However, after some relentless persuasion from two little devilish BFF (Best Friend Forever), I succumbed to the dark side! -_- To my defense, I was told that we’ll just have drinks at Luna Bar. Since I never been to Luna Bar and Chris willing to come along, I thought it wasn’t a bad idea after all.

The plan, however, starts rocking once I entered Selina’s car. She kept on muttering “Let’s go clubbing la..clubbing, bing, bing, bing……” Anyhow, the majority prefers the idea of going to Luna Bar more. Hence, there we were standing in front of Luna Bar’s counter still deciding whether to go in or not. The ending of the story? WE ALL succumbed to the dark side and went to Quattro (Avenue K) instead! Hideous. Not a happy ending for all but it surely was a happy ending for someone – Selina :) Haha!

To be honest, the R&B songs at Quattro that night were rather boring and dull. Where’re all the Lady Gaga’s songs? At a point, some even started to yawn. Exclude KK out, because he has been yawning all night! Plus, it was not as crowded as last time. Maybe all went to Gsix, the new clubbing hotspot that Agnes & Selina have been raving all about?

After about 1 ½ hour inside, we declared that we have had enough of “standing”.

Late night supper at Jalan Alor, KL before we end our night out. There is a whole array of hawker food along Jalan Alor. But the one that Chris and I went the other day was closed that night. So we made a quick and clever decision by picking another restaurant which has more diners, or so we thought. Some foods were below average, if not crappy…. The BBQ Chicken Wings tasted ok though.

BBQ Chicken Wings

Below average - Char Keuy Teow, Hokkien Mee & Orr Jian

Dull and boring time at clubbing + crappy supper = a failed night out? Nah, not exactly. I enjoyed the companion and the laughter that we had. Enjoyed hugging the sexy wild leopard Selina and most of all, enjoyed creating dramas with Agnes like how we used to be! We are like.. the most compatible Drama Queen :D

To us, Cheers!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Curry Chee Cheong Fun & Char Kuey Teow @ Pasar Besar Jalan Othman, PJ

Curry Chee Cheong Fun - Believe it or not, I have an affair with this Curry Chee Cheong Fun since I was a kiddo. Up till now, I can still feel the affection I have for this little plateful of brownish gravy that’ll arouse my taste bud anytime. This stall has an array of add-on ingredients to pair with the ever-so-smooth Chee Cheong Fun. Finally, pick either sweet or curry sauce to be poured all over on the Chee Cheong Fun and ingredients of your choice. My preferred sauce is obviously, the aromatic curry sauce. Can never go wrong with that! A good handful of sesame as topping added extra aromas in every bite. This humble little stall is located at a Chinese kopitiam just across the road from Pasar Besar Jalan Othman at Petaling Jaya, or known better as Old Town. It is wise to go earlier in the morning as the curry sauce will usually finish by late morning.

Char Kuey Teow (with Sang Ham (raw cockle)) – another popular stall there. Sometimes it’s hard to choose one between Char Kuey Teow and Curry Chee Cheong Fun. Both are equally nice but I always give in to Curry Chee Cheong Fun. Char Kuey Teow, however, can be shared among friends as a side dish :) If you don’t have a phobia for Siham (cockles), then the Char Kuey Teow with Sang Ham version is for you, as the raw cockle has a juicier bite.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tea Tree Blemish Gel, Harmonising Massage Oil & Guarana Berry Volumising Shampoo

Tea Tree Blemish Gel – had read some good review about this in magazine. Consists of Tea Tea Oil which can help to kill bacteria. To be applied on pimples. Beside that, I also use it to apply on pimple’s scar to speed up the healing process. Comes with an applicator but to prevent bacteria from building up on the applicator, I dot it on my finger first before I apply it on the targeted area. Oh, love its smells too.. Can’t help but to take a small sniff each time I twist it open :P

Harmonising Massage Oil – I have a little addiction on the scent of essential oils. Though I didn’t imply it in my daily life but shops and beauty salons with such smells never fail to attract me. Even with just a whiff, I feel relaxed a teeny weeny bit already. And pictures of me getting a nice body massage or a facial in a Balinese room will automatically pop out in my mind. Mmm mm ~
This massage oil is for me as well as Chris. I will give Chris a good back massage once in a blue moon for a reward after a hard day :) As for myself, a funky line classmate of mine has introduced a massage centre to me which I have yet to try. She suggested that I bring my own massage oil because we need to fork out extra money if we want to upgrade from normal massage oil (read: lousy) to better ones. This massage oil has a pleasant lemongrass smells and if combined with a good massage, totally divine!

Guarana Berry Volumising Shampoo – it reads “Body building shampoo for thicker, fuller hair. For Fine Hair” Ahh, this is for me, for my fine hair, right! I’m constantly finding ways to “thicken” my hair and the most effective way by far is, color it! Just love the coarse texture of my hair after each coloring session. Ooppss, sounds a tad abusive :P I’ve been using this shampoo on alternate day for a month and though it didn’t turn my limp hair into a retro-thick-hair overnight, I’m still quite happy with its effect and its enticing berry scent! Hair smells berry delicious after each wash… yum!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kuala Selangor & Sekinchan

I was thinking whether I should include ‘Kuala Selangor’ in the post title because we spent most of the time at Sekinchan rather than Kuala Selangor :D

Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan might not be a popular tourist spot but it’s somewhat a refreshing experience for a KLites like me who never have a ‘kampung’. There’re two things to do at this two places – eat seafood and buy seafood! Chris’s mum has a bunch of relatives over there, so she knows pretty well where to get the best bargain, it’s at her fingertips! This humble post certainly can’t be any useful guidelines but I’ll share some interesting pieces that came across my eyes :)

Once I stepped out from the car, I can smell the smell of ‘kampung’ already :P The smell can be described better in Hokkien which is ‘giam pang’ (salty). LOL! The smells was like an invisible signboard that stated “Welcome to The Fishing Village!”.

Lunch at Restoran Guan Hwat, Sekinchan.

Their signature Spicy/Sambal Prawn. Suprisingly, it was cooked using minced prawn instead of prawns in its whole. But don’t judge it yet because the taste was explosive! So aromatic, so full of flavours, I think I can easily eat a few bowl of rice with this alone.

Salted Vege & Tofu Soup with Shark Fillet. Shark…. ? o.O

Fried Sweet Potato Leaves

Gong Bo Squid and assorted dishes which I can’t think of a name -.– all which tasted great ~

A curious city girl :P

And the fresh seafood hunting begun…. Went to countless small and big market. Most of them are located on the shore, on top of a platform which they built higher from the sea level. You’ll have to walk on some short connection bridges to get to the market. But don’t look down just yet. There’s mud, dead fish, wastage disposal and miscellaneous stuff just right below……. mmmmh...

The freshest catch of the day with the best deal

“Fresh” salted fish soaking under the sun

Salted fish, anyone?

Pre-packed salted fish.

Pre-fried prawn crackers

‘Siham’ Mountain.

Tea time at Restoran Seafood Tanjung Karang. Well, nothing to shout about. Apparently, their grilled squid is nice but the whole restaurant was bought over by another owner already. Surely, the chef has changed too. Not our luck…

Lala Fried Mihun, Salted Egg Mantis Prawn & Fried Calamari


At night! We savour on meals cooked with the freshest ingredients, by Chris’s mum.

Lala Mihun Soup

and Boiled Shrimp.

and Bloody Cockles.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Monday.

Was not quite my day….

First, I did a minor error on invoice. My boss is undoubtedly a nice boss – understanding, gives freedom and all but there are some little things that he is quite particular one like Invoice, Do & Stocks. But all these are understandable as he is the boss of the company; of course he has to be careful of all little tiny details to avoid any complication as well as to maintain the company’s image. He neither scold nor lecture me, he just asked me to check everything properly before letting him sign. But I was frustrated with myself for being so careless. How could I do such mistake when I’m not even busy? *sigh* and that’s not all.....
One customer claimed that he didn’t receive the catalogue that was sent by courier by me. Man, I already wrote sender’s address and telephone number accordingly this time. If there is any problem, they would have called us already by now. What have I done wrong again? What’s more, the consignment note was missing!! RAWR….. I remember clearly that I placed it together with that bunch of claims. Now, it’s gone to nowhere. Thus, I had to search ups & downs for that copy of consignment note. I even had to beg the counter clerk of the courier services to let me search for the consignment note myself. When I finally got it, they clerk check for me the status of delivery through internet and the status was ‘Sent/Received’. So what’s the problem here? I told my boss and eventually found out that, I delivered to the incorrect branch. But not totally my fault because my boss didn’t inform me earlier which address to send to.
(I purposely make the font smaller because the whining is simply too looooong)

My Blue Monday, nevertheless, turned out to be not-so-blue when Chris gave me a little surprise at night :) Chris brought me to KLCC for dinner, on a Monday night! That was a rare thing because who would want to go through the fuss of driving 45 mins to KL and risk getting caught in traffic jam for a dinner during weekday. I thought it was a pure joke because Chris always loves to fool me! Not given any time for preparation (which I would have if I chose to believe it earlier), I went with my old tees, shorts and slipper, with my specs on O-O I was praying so hard that I won’t bump into someone I knew that night. Lucky us, the traffic was so smooth and we reached “The Jagung” in less than 45mins.

We had a relaxed dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, one of our favourite in KLCC. We also opted for the open air dining area overlooking the KLCC Park’s fountain. Apart from those annoying mozzies, everything’s great.

Our all time fav. – BBQ Chicken Salad with lotsa Nachos

Pan-grilled Salmon with spaghetti and asparagus

Oh look what we found inside Isetan – a Kindori (temporary) ice cream booth! Yay! Perfect for a cheer-me-up :D

I was sent back home with a lifted up spirit that night. Above all, it was Chris little effort to cheer me up that makes me feel so grateful. Grateful to have such a lovely person in my life :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

热辣辣Summer の Hong Kong - Day 4

So the little pork bun thingy is so seducing, we back to Lan Fong Yuen(兰芳园) the next day for more....猪排....
Apart from the 2 porkie buns, we ordered 黄金鸡排捞丁 and 鸡翼捞丁. It has to be said that Nissin Noodle is part of the staple food for Hongkist, youngster especially. I mean, in that entire lunch menu, half of it is Nissin Noodle in all sorts of style. I personally think that it is not..very..healthy. But it shouldn’t do any harm if eaten on an occasional basis.

鸡翼捞丁 (Chicken Wing Nissin Noodle)

黄金鸡排捞丁 (Golden Chicken Chop Nissin Noodle)

The restaurant’s owner is a BIG HUGE fan of Alan Tham. Very obvious. Just look at the walls around. There is an entire collection of Alan Tham’s poster plastered nicely on the wall with his original signature on it, and his song playing in the background. It’s like you have entered The Alan Tham’s Kopitiam, haha! And there’s a note stated “All posters are a precious collection of the owner. Please do not touch” :D

A friendly waitress there, offered to help to snap a photo for both of us. Lovely :)

Did some last minute shopping all around Tsim Tsa Tsui. Leaving soon… T3T

Took a break at Hui Lau Shan (許留山) after a long walking marathon.

In Airport Express, on the way to HKIA……

As usual, we reached airport hours earlier. Better be safe than sorry… :) Missing flight is not fun, at all. We had had a taste of it.

Seafood Ramen and Gyoza to fill up the tummy before boarding.

Chris & I have to sit separately. Wtf. I wonder what seat allocation system they are using. Couples, friends and some family groups even, were not allocated to sit together. Many were exchanging seats with each other to be able to stick to their own group and that, created a chaos in the plane == Thanks to that dumb system. Air Asia, I love you, but please improve this!

Killing time with magazines, sitting alone :(

So long HK……! We'll be back very soon! Ya right, we must be crazy! Hah!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

热辣辣Summer の Hong Kong - Day 3

Lan Fong Yuen(兰芳园) is a gem in the city! Credit goes to Chris for such a great find! They are famous for its 金牌猪排包. Ok I admit. Pork is not my thing, most of the time. You know, my Chinese horoscope is Pig and they are cute and… ok, before I feel even more guilty, let’s continue… -_-

The sinful 金牌猪排包 (Signature Pork Chop Bun) – Surprisingly, it’s not as oily & heavy as I thought it would be. The pork chop slice is quite thin and small in size, which means, less guilt! :D It is thin but juicy. Nice!

午餐肉煎蛋出前一丁 (Nissin Noodle with Luncheon Meat & Fried Egg) – how do they make such a simple instant noodle into something so tasty? Might sound a bit exaggerated here, but it is the by far the best Nissin noodle I’ve tasted.

絲襪奶茶 (Milk Tea) – with the right amount of sweetness, reasonably strong taste of tea and smooth texture.

Cheers, to bad fats!

Took ferry to cross the sea to Central. It’s more time consuming to opt for ferry instead of MTR but to get in touch with their culture, it’s something you should do :)

(Not quite) enjoying the warm sea breeze ~

We discovered a new place to enjoy the harbour view at IFC Mall – the open air rooftop!

Tables and chairs are provided to the public, so you may sit freely without having to order anything from the restaurant. It happened to be a day off for Philippine maids, so there were a few groups of them mingling around while enjoying the foods they brought their own. All in all, it’s not a very ideal hangout place during summer’s afternoon when the sun ray is at its highest peak. Unless you want to risk getting burned!

I was sunbathing, not! My skin has had enough of UV rays consumption -_-

The panaromic view from the rooftop.

and The skyscraper – IFC Tower

Now, I need some icy cold stuffs to cool down.....

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream from La Maison Du Chocolat. I was expecting a bitter chocolate taste but it turns out to be rather sweet.

Mmmmm, I’m cool now :) Can even advertise for City Super!

To avoid the sunrays, one can still enjoy the harbour view in the mall through the enormous glass panel.

After IFC, we just mall-hop from one mall to another till our feet was numb towards the feeling of pain and soreness -_-

Cute and colorful Nissin Noodle’s advertisement along the subway. What a good entertainment for pedestrians. It’s like u have walked into an enormous kitchen with endless Nissin Noodle! Creative, creative, creative!

Woo hoo! Finally, I can have a taste of the 淸甜冬瓜盅 that I was craving for, at Maxims! Sluurpps :9

淸甜冬瓜盅 (Winter Melon Soup) – A nutritious and refreshing soup after a hot day! The whole thing is eatable, except the skin, of course. The winter melon’s flesh tasted a bit bland though, all of its sweetness went into the soup. I bet it is good for a heat-y body. Good to wind down the body after exposed to the sun for all day long.

明爐燒味雙拼 (2 combo of your choice – Chicken and Barbecued Pork)

金盞橙花雞球 (Orange Chicken) - goes well with rice :)

A satisfying meal to end the tiring day! ^^
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