Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Winter の 香港 - Day 5

- Breakfast at 连香居
- Shopping
- Dinner at 喜記避風塘炒辣蟹
- Countdown to year 2010!

Our hotel for 6 night ~ Wee…

At 上環 station ~

Dim Sum breakfast at 连香居… We took a cab to this restaurant after we reached 上環 MTR Station. A wise decision indeed because it’s located at some small streets. Not easy to find because we are not familiar with that area.

Oh by the way, the table was sooo small but yet we have to share it with 3 other people!


糯米鸡 wrapped in Lotus Leaf – the glutinous rice is very fluffy and gummy. YUM!

叉烧菠萝包 – THUMBS UP! Soft and tender inside out. Simply addictive…

古法马来糕 - 马来 = Malay .. I think it’s originated in Malaysia.


红烧鲍翅 – authentic ingredients with an affordable price, HKD88.

This was the scenario right after the lift door opened. A bustling & jam-packed restaurant.

After we back to hotel for a rest, we were so lazy to walk out for dinner. We thought to have a buffet dinner at one of the restaurant in our hotel instead since we entitled for a 20% discount. But heck, the 20% discount is not valid during New Year’s Eve. So, we lazily put on our jacket and walk out to MTR station to look for foods =.=

Dinner at 喜記避風塘炒辣蟹, 銅鑼灣


避風塘濑尿虾 – one of their signature dishes. But frankly, I would not want to order if I knew it was killed alive on the spot. I know I might sound cliché but I just felt bad about it. The price was not cheap either. You know, “fresh” seafood….

姜葱美国生蚝煲 – a nice one! Fat oysters with ginger and spring onion. Slurrps :9 Something new ~

Dessert at Yee Shun Milk Company. Further stuffing in foods to my already full-loaded stomach o.O


燉雙皮奶 – a MUST MUST try for milk lover!! Stay away from this if u hate milk because the milk-iness will kill ya ~ :D Cold joke …..
One of the foods in Hong Kong that makes me tempted to go back for more.

Waiting for new year countdown! This is a perfect place to countdown! Just few steps away from our hotel with less crowd and beautiful harbour view =)

Happy New Year 2010!! :D

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