Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter の 香港 - Day 4


- Ngong Ping 360
- Happy Hour at Sevva, Central
- Dinner at 黃枝記, Central
- Stroll around Lan Kwai Fong

It was very misty at Ngong Ping today. Thus, very less photos were taken. Can’t even see the big Buddha from near T.T and again, we were too lazy to climb up to the Big Buddha statue ==

Cable car collection around the world ~

I remember this one! From Brazil ~

Brunch at vegetarian food stall. Surprisingly, their fried Mihun taste good! So simple but yet so tasty ~.~

MMMmm, finally can eat their 红豆钵仔糕 again! :9

Not to be missed, 山水豆腐花 ~

Happy hour at Sevva. Chris planned to have dinner here but apparently, their table for dinner was fully booked for the night. I thought, let’s go to another restaurant but Chris insisted to have a drink here instead. I never know the reason why Chris insisted to go in till I stepped out to the balcony. Ahhhh, stunning night view in front of my eyes! Perfect for a break after a long day ~ The place was mostly filled by OL & OM, who were obviously, Happy Hour-ing after work. Life’s good!

Spectacular night city view!

Pink Christmas tree along the balcony

My so-called Cranberry Juice – I suspect it’s Ribena -_-..overpriced Ribena to be exact but well, the night view is priceless. I didn’t go for cocktail or alcoholic drinks because I was feeling a bit bloated that night.

Felt less bloated after chomping on snacks ~

Late dinner at 黄枝记, Central

招牌蝦籽撈麵… can't find it here in M’sia

Fish air bladder, mushroom & dry oyster congee

Preserved egg and pickled ginger – the preserved egg is very moist & juicy compare to average preserved egg.

Stroll one round at Lan Kwai Fong.

Discovered a quiet place to peacefully enjoy the night harbour view, just 2 steps away from our hotel.

Chill out for a while before head back to hotel.

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