Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter の 香港 - Day 2


Shopping at Langham Place & Argyle Centre, Mongkok.

Love Mi’s Bracelet.. Would like to get Love Mi’s watch instead but the one that I have an eye on was completely out of stock! Can make an order though, but have to wait for 3 months!

Love Mi Box Set Collection… I’m reading her book ‘值得’ right now… In this book, she shared her story during her “mentally-exhausted” period; how she overcome her fear/sick, turned into a new leaf and become a better person – A NEW MI! I must admit that she is rather good in writing articles. Her articles are witty, humorous and sometimes inspiring & meaningful. Mi, I’m falling for you! Besides, all income of this book will be donated to some charity organization. Now, how kind was that!

Walking to Fortress Hill MTR Station… with a messy hair -_-

炮台山 was the area that we were staying for 1 week..

I’m too hungry to walk any further, so we had lunch (Yes, lunch, because we slept until late morning) at 大家樂 nearby our hotel. Err well, usually I’ll be very impatient & grumpy when I’m hungry!

大家樂 (Café De Coral)is a popular fast food chain in HK serving local delicacies. Just like 7-Eleven, you can nearly find 大家樂 at every area. Apart from the fact that it’s so convenient, they foods are up to quality as well. Waiting for someone to franchise it to M’sia.

五宝饭 (5 Combo Rice) – I don’t usually eat pork but I’m trying to be adventurous this time round because I’ve spotted this last year but got no courage to try then.
Warning: Super heavy!
Chris was amazed that I manage to empty the plate alone.

Warm Papaya Milk – Ahhhh, so warming and nourishing for girls, especially during cold weather.

Me chamwhoring at inside Langham Place.

Up-to-the-sky escalator… kinda scary! So, don’t look back!

Argyle Centre - recommended by some blogger! Basically, it’s a shopping paradise for girls! Similar to our Sg.Wang but way more congested and crowded! For a serious shopping trip, you actually need to have enough time to slowly explore all their shops & prices where your eyes will go @@! Too many to see & choose.. . one of the setback was, they got no fitting room.

Grabbed some drinks at Happy Lemon before my shopping journey starts.

Love all drinks with extra bubbles... Ok, I might look a bit scary here though... =.=

My catches - 2 pairs of boot and a lacey short skirt. ^$$^ (Money fly away) Have to leave early because Chris was so bored & breathless in there == I swear I will go back again next round!

Joey says… be adventurous! Haha! This is one of my daring attempt – to eat 臭豆腐 (Smelly Beancurd)!

Been struggling for a while for whether to try it out or not. The curious nerves inside me shout: Try it for once at least, I dare you! Oh well, once you put it in your mouth, it tasted just like some normal fried beancurd but with a cheesier texture. Or maybe this is not the extreme one?? Lucky me, my stomache didn’t complain the next morning. Hoho :P
P/s: Chris don't even dare to take a bite!

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