Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wey Wei's House Warming

How could I resist the invitation to Wey wei’s house warming? First of all, we haven’t met up for quite some time. Secondly, we have so many juicy gossips to update each other :P

Located at Kota Kemuning, her house is definitely a wise choice for an investment. There’s a significant rise of the property value from the day it was launched. Those who had bought it earlier will certainly earn a big sum of money if they sell it now. Anyhow, I’m a total dumbass in all sorts of investment thingy and… I’m poor. Having a car already enough to make me puffing… *cough* =o=

I was ½ hour late when I reached Wey wei’s house and I thought “Omg, they must be baking the pizza already!” But heck, I was the first one arrived! =.- while waiting for others, I had a tour of Wey wei’s lovely house. I envied her daughter’s room. Her bed is bigger than mine! and that’s my dream room when I was a kid T.T Kids nowadays are definitely luckier… *sigh* ohh, and that bathtub in master bedroom – nice! Soaking in a hot bubble bath after work is such a great way to unwind. But only for house that has spacious bathroom though.

Wey wei, Camy, Siok Wei, Rachel & me mingle around in the kitchen.

When there's Joey, there's camwhore session ^^V

With Rachel & Camy. Making funny faces ~ :P

Come give jie jie a kiss, will ya?

It started to rain heavily when those guys were setting up the BBQ grills but it doesn’t stop us to get it going! The BBQ ingredients were all nicely arranged in a stick with a brilliant combination of colorful peppers and meats. Like I said, a healthier BBQ! There were a lot more BBQ ingredients for the night – chicken wings, squids, prawns… and her hubby’s secret recipe sauce! Phewww, it was an eating & gossiping frenzy night! :D

The colorful BBQ sticks!

With the ever-so-witty & a mummy-to-be, Karen!

Phewww, it was an eating & gossiping frenzy night! :D

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