Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turtle "Brain"

Introducing my 3 years old "brain"...

This "brain" is really getting on my nerves! From start up till I sign in to MSN, it took me around 10 minutes! Am waiting for Chris to re-format and install new anti-virus software into this pc.

Beside the fact that the pc is old, I suppose the virus is the main reason it’s getting slower and slower. I can hear the dreadful sound of my pc whenever I’m loading something. I did think of getting a new laptop to replace but well….. bo lui (no money, in hokkien) la… what else? I’ve been eyeing on Toshiba laptop for like, decades…. pink one! T.T For the meanwhile, I got no choice but to live with it! Hopefully it can perform better after reformat *sigh*

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