Wednesday, June 09, 2010

May の Melbourne ~ Day 7

In a blink of an eye, it was our last day at Melb T.T .. After checked out from hotel, we walked to a mall nearby and binge on a heavy & sinful BIG breakfast at their food court.

Flat white – essential for a wake-me-up

BIG breakfast, literally.

A sinfully delicious breakfast! I’m contented :)

Guess what? Little did we know that we were actually in one of the DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) store! Why didn’t we find out earlier? It was just a stone’s throw away from our hotel! Hence, we spent a good 2 hours here, busy hunting for good bargains! One shop after another, from 1 paper bag to a few paper bags.. Still not satisfied, we head to another DFO at South Wharf :D

Heading to another DFO at South Wharf

Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Not everything was a good bargain though. We had to dig for the gem among the craps. It was my craziest shopping sprees so far. I felt contented but not my wallet. I practically spent all my aussie dollar that day *weep*

In the midst of shopping. Waiting for Chris to come out from fitting room.

A very very rare CUTE expression of Chris. Priceless….. :D

After stuffing in all our catches of the day into hand luggage, time for us to say “Bye, see ya!” to Melb T.T … We took Sky Bus at Southern Cross station to Tullamarine Airport. They offer high frequency of bus services & it took us only 20 mins to reach the airport. And we were in fact toooo early to reach airport 5 hours before the departure time! Mad! Perhaps we were still very much haunted by our missed flight experience 2 years back! We utilized the spare time to shop for souvenirs, wander around & have dinner. It’s better to be early than late though, because we actually spent a good 45 mins queuing up at the check in counter, another 30 mins at the Tax Refund counter and so on.. Having sufficient time saved us from some hair-pulling situation :D

Garden Salad at Nandos, before boarding.

Summary of my best catches :) ~

Guess tank top – AUD25

My best catch! Saw this dress at Guess, 1U last year. But with a hefty price tag at RM450++... too pricey for me >.

The cheapest of the bunch! AUD3 for this boyfriend’s fit tank top!! :D Long enough to hide my chunky thighs!

Skinny Jeans – 2 pairs at AUD60

Neck warmer ~ around AUD20

Chunky necklace – AUD20+, perfect to match with my newly bought tank tops!

Baby wombat shirt for B Chai & a collar shirt for father

Bedtime Balm – bought this at airport at the very last minute! Was seduced by its light & comforting scent.


  1. ya ya...chris is very cute...

  2. Awww~ if we meet early on blog then we possible have a cup of coffee & meet u in person by that time

  3. You're right Laura! Hmmm. Wonder when there'll be promo again for Melb's air fare :( and wonder when I'll have the money to go again .... Still so much to explore at Melbourne!


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