Thursday, June 03, 2010

May の Melbourne ~ Day 6

Before we return the car to Europcar, we went to breakfast at Mart 130, Middle Park. Recommended by Ky Speaks’s blog, it is a restaurant converted from an old tram stop. We were seated at their partially covered outdoor dining area. The gas heater above was my life savior as it was very windy outside, as usual. Their wholesome breakfast, homey settings and relaxing atmosphere makes it a great place to spend your morning at :)

Flat White


Drinks with bubbles on top = Happiness

Mart oven roasted corn fritters with grilled bacon – thumbs up! ‘Giam’ enough for Chris’s tastebud

Poached egg with smoked salmon on a toast – plain but healthy, definitely my cup of tea.

A wholesome breakfast to start the day! Nyam!

Took a stroll at St. Kilda beach after that wholesome breakfast. What’s again, the wind was blowing so strong! But I can see peoples jogging in short & sleeveless shirt! Insanity….. ! I think during summer time, it will be a completely different picture here (like girls in bikini to eye candy at :p).

I was freezing but I ‘tahan’ only, all for the sake of photos!

See, my expression froze! -_-

The beach & Us..

Joey’s 1st driving experience at Melb? Uh uh, I better stick back to the seat beside =p

After returning the car, it’s time to count on our own feet again. Roam around Melbourne Central, MYER & Federation Square.

Melbourne Central

Our favorite snack on the go at Melb! Sushi sushi is a chain based food stall at Melb CBD. Can easily spot one within the city.. and airport as well!

Spicy prawn sushi roll. Love Max!!

Camwhore break, before we walk into MYER.

And a must-visit in Melbourne – Queen Victoria Market. Basically a ‘pasar’ selling everything from seafood to souvenirs. Bought 2 dozen of oysters and ate it right away!

Welcome to Queen Victoria Market ~

A dozen of Coffin Bay oysters

And a dozen of oyster from Tasmania

Chris getting ready to ‘telan’ all oysters :D

Slurping on oyster outside Queen Victoria Market :9

More like a Sugar Tea instead of Herbal Tea.. overly sweet, too much ice…

Soya Beer ? A lot of bubbles for my pleasure..

Flinders St Station, a classic.

At night, we dine at Mercandante Woodfired Pizzeria at Lygon St. There is an array of renowned restaurant at Lygon St to choose from. Would be good if we could have more time to discover one by one…

Seafood woodfired pizza.. again, too big for two. Unless we skip the carbonara.. We were stuffed!

Carbonara with smoked salmon

Indulging in an award winning Gelati at Il Dolce Freddo is something you can’t afford to miss out at Lygon St.

Our flavor: Bailey & Green Tea

Fireworks at Southbank.

P/s: Accompanied Chris to Crown Casino for some ‘table games’ before we officially end the day. Whoopss =P

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