Sunday, May 23, 2010

May の Melbourne ~ Day 3

Time to back to CBD on Monday ~ It took us about 2 hours from Bendigo to Southern Cross station with V-Line train. After check in to our hotel at Spencer St, it’s time to explore the city, with our feet!

Atlantis Hotel - A simple and clean room with all the basic facilities.

Panorama view from our room – Docklands & Etihad stadium. A nice sunny day with beautiful clouds ~

Armed with a couple of maps on hand, we walked from one street to another until we found Max Brenner in Queen Victoria Building, Lonsdale St! I’ve forgotten how long we have walked!

Everyone’s been raving about their Milk Suckao & waffles. Both were good but not superb, hmm….

Finally can rest our feet at Max Brenner at Queen Victoria Building ~.~

Tutti-Frutti Waffles with strawberries, banana & vanilla ice cream. Not equivalent to my expectation, the waffles are ready made therefore it was not warm & fluffy :/

Praline Plate – a plate of six Max’s signature chocolate

A specialty of Max Brenner – Milk Suckao. It is a small mini jug of milk warmed up with a tea light candle below, comes with a plate of dark chocolate beans for you to melt it into the milk as desired.

The wind was so strong outside that we have to move to indoor.

Feeding my sweet tooth ^^

Chocolate Frappes – with a strong chocolate flavor but not a good idea at such a cooling weather :S

The fake grass field right in front of Max Brenner. Clean enough to sit or lie on.

It’s a windy day.. strong wind was blowing.. *shiver*

Continued our City-walking tour to State Library of Victoria..

State Library of Victoria. Saw a bunch of student hanging around & reading books on the green grass… with some litters here and there.. oppss

One of the parks along Yarra River.

Seagull having its sweet time.

..and to Eureka Tower at Southbank.

Walking towards Southbank.

Ah, there you are, Eureka Tower.

We paid AUD33.00 for 2 pax and the high-speed elevator whisked us up to 88th floor in less than 1 minute!

Going up to 88th floor in a high-speed elevator. Reached the Skydeck at 88th floor in less than 60 seconds @@ amazing ~

First thing that greeted us once we stepped out of the lift, was the stunning city view just right during the sunset.

Reached just on time - just before the magical moment. Attempted to camwhore with baby Sam but every photos were hopelessly blur & dark ==

When the sun sleeps, the night city came alive…

Dazzling panorama view across the city.

Well, night city view never fails to thrill me :)

Initially, my itinerary was to visit Rialto Tower for this evening but too bad, it was closed down.

Walked again to Chris’s favorite place of all – Crown Casino :p Went into another famous café recommended by many peoples at forum – Café Greco. Café Greco is famous for its cheecake. There is an array of cheesecake as well as other cakes to choose from over the counter. Beside cakes, they do serve meals for dinner. Chris ordered a Tiramisu while I opt for Honeycomb Cheesecake. We didn’t know that the portion is big enough to share one among two person! So we just stuff in as much as our stomach could afford to. Ugh, sounds like a torture! Needless to say, I didn’t really enjoy it. Not advisable to go with a full stomach, especially right after dinner!

Café Greco, Crown Casino - Tiramisu

My Honeycomb Cheese Cake. Café Greco is famous for its cheese cake. The cake was decent but the portion is too big to fit into our stomach. My advice is, don’t attempt to eat a whole slice by yourself - not right after dinner, at least!

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