Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May の Melbourne ~ Day 1 & 2

Basically we spent the entire day 1 travelling; 3 hours at airport & approximately 8 hours in airplane. Thanks to the E-player, I able to survive the whole journey without much suffer! By the time we touched down at Tullamarine Airport, it was already midnight. Rumor has it that, the custom at Australia is quite strict and all but to our delight, everything went so smooth at the custom - no questions asked, nothing. Oh but, we were asked a few questions (e.g. travel with who, how many days) by some personnel before we enter the boarding room in Malaysia. It’s a new system, perhaps.

My lifesaver gadget to kill 8 hours of boredom with ease

Ling & Dex were kind enough to fetch us at airport all the way from Bendigo. The 1 ½ - 2 hours journey back to their home was filled with endless Q & A session about the life and culture in Melb. Ahhh, and the beautiful stardust along the way…. is one of the magnificent moments I had in Melb.

Bendigo is a laidback town far from the city with lesser pollution and fresher air. Chris claimed that it is a perfect place to stay after retirement. I can’t agree more. The calmness and the peacefulness - we would definitely live a longer life there :D

Wild kangaroos - just right across the road from their house! :D Perhaps they will wander around in the neighborhood just like cats & dogs in M’sia.

Melbourne’s version of Burung Gagak – fatter & noisier. Wakkk wakkk ~

Rosalind Park – a lovely park but apparently a flock of bats have migrated to this park and they are slowly deteriorating the appearance of the park. They bald the trees, they poo around, they constantly making noise which have spoiled the peacefulness of the park.

I insisted to climb up to the lookout tower. So, Ling, Dex & Chris got no choice but to climb up together with me. *chuckle* I did a silly thing though - halfway through, it’s getting higher from the ground, I tried to shake the stairs to make sure it is stable enough for me to reach the top. How stupid! LOL!

Panoramic view of Bendigo

Lunch at Borchelli Ristorante – right opposite of Capital Theater.

Pepper-crusted Tuna


A famous historical landmark in Bendigo - Alexandra Fountain. Dex had made an effort to explain to us the history of the landmark but I was not focusing as my eyes was too busy looking around, I couldn’t recall the story of it. =="

In Sacred Heart Cathedral.
Striking contrast of sunlight & shadow.

Exterior of Sacred Heart Cathedral.

I just got to admire the combination of the cathedral with the blue sky & green green grass that blended just so well it’ll makes any photos perfect.

Went for a walk together with Lyken around the neighborhood. This is a quiet lake nearby. *zero PS touch up*

Enjoying my Strong Bow beer (apple cider). If you don’t know yet, I don’t really fancy the bitterness of beer but this is sweet & mild enough to my liking. *burp* Thank you Dex, for your recommendation :) We actually bought 2 bottles at supermarket after we back to CBD. Do we have it here in M’sia?

Dex juggling in between 2 pans and 1 pot. Superb chef!

Pan-seared Salmon with mushroom & asparagus. BIG thumbs up for the salmon! The salmon is medium rare, so the juiciness & tenderness of the salmon fillet is remained. And not to forget the mushroom! Love them all! Nyam nyam nyam ~ :9 Frankly, we still missed the salmon until today.

Ling's specialty popiah :P

Till now, we still felt very grateful for their sweet invitation to her home sweet home as well as their effort to bring us around in Bendigo :) I’m not sure if we could do the same if we were to be their host :P Thanks again!

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