Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy RAWR Year *10 ~ 初一

初一 - One of the best day of the year! High spirit, gathering, lots of laughter and Ang Pow, muah!! Not to forget our routine of the year – CAMWHORE of course! :D Looking back at all our CNY camwhore photos years back, it’s funny, witty, VAIN and of course, memorable all at the same time. Every year we’ll messed up grandma’s bed and room!

My CNY quote:
"初一,初二, 初三。。就这样匆匆的过去了,想抓也抓不住。开心的日子总是过得特别快。 今年的过年让我觉得原来我忽略了很多与外婆,阿姨 和 表妹 相聚的机会。又其是我的表妹,我应该多点关心她们,多点给予她们支持 =)"

"Time flies… in a blink of an eye, it’s the 4th day of Chinese New Year already. This Chinese New Year makes me realized that I actually neglected quite a lot of get-together time with my popo, ah yi and cousin sis. Especially my cousin sis(s).. I should concern about them more and give them the support that they much needed =)"

Taken with "Beauty Shot" function.. Without PS edit. Not bad eh.. :D

Ahhhh, Love this shot ! Natural & bright smile :D

Showing off our CNY manicure...

我们的床上照 .. ?

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