Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dumplings from Chris’s Mummy

Chris brought me 5 dumplings from home last Friday. In fact, I asked for it days earlier :) Specially customized for Yim’s family preference! Ingredients inside - one whole salted egg yolk (I LOVE salted egg yolk! more, more! :D ), dried oyster, dried shrimp, mushroom, beans and chicken. Traditionally, belly pork is one of the main ingredients of Ba Chang but for a healthier alternative, chicken meat is used to replace it. Ba Chang with belly pork is more aromatic but since I am not a pork person, it’s a plus point for me. And you can never find a dumpling with such a generous amount of salted egg yolk outside! We both ate it all for Saturday’s breakfast.

After warmed up. Fluffy & gooey..

Generous amount of salted egg yolk

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