Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dumpling Day

Happy Fat Dumpling Day! Just ate my dinner. Count as lucky that my father is free to cook dinner tonight, else I’ll be celebrating Dumpling Festival with a box of zhap fan T.T~
Wonder how other families will celebrate it tonight? Mine was a typical quiet one especially when my sis-in-law & B Chai are not around tonight. Hard not to admit that during festival days like these, I would prefer to have a merrier one instead of a..well, quiet one. I reckon things would be better if mum is still around (healthily, though). Perhaps if she is in the mood, she might wrap a dozen or two dumplings for us to eat-till-you-drop! Ahhh, mum’s dumpling’s the best! Customized perfectly to suit our taste buds. I like it white (glutinous rice without black soya sauce) and more peppery :) Now, I can only recall the taste in my memories… :(

Happy thing is, we got 3 “Pillow Dumpling” from Ah Po last week. Nope, I'm not talking about my Grandma. She is a relative of my grandparents, ummm, the relationship string is a rather long and historical story which I’m not too sure of. Every year she’ll make us dumplings despite the fact that we only visit her once a year and she is 90++ years old already! Salute to her effort & energy! Her legendary Pillow Dumpling is one of the things that we are looking forward to during Dumpling Festival. It’s not complete without her dumpling. Nothing can beat a home-made dumpling :)

Warm & fluffy pillow dumpling. Last one on the plate.

Now, I shall shut down my pc, go mop the floor…. and call it a day!


  1. i wonder y no body help u...

  2. now I just need to mop every alternate week, better than last time already le. next time u mop for me? :P

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