Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lovely Sunday ~

While I was still in my dreamland…
I heard Chris calling me: “B..B…!”

Me: Huh…? *still in sleeping mode*
Chris: Wake up, let’s go shopping today
Me: Awww, how nice… Woo hooo *jump off the bed*

LOL! I don’t usually wake up so early on a Sunday unless there are special occasions as above :) I’m just so happy; it had been 3 weekends staying at home. Ok la, not too long la but still… when I was reading magazine I went like:

“Hey, this product is a good one. I need to get this.Ok, The Body Shop”
“Hmm, and that top on the model is nice too. Forever 21. Alright.” *notes to myself*

It’s like; I got so many things to hunt for. I need to get myself updated with what’s in and what’s not. I need to absorb the fresh air in shopping mall. (The usual lame excuses)

Well, what can I say? Women have endless things to buy!! ^^”

Our breakfast + lunch at Station Kopitiam, The Asian Avenue.

Nasi Goreng Kampung

Seafood Fried Rice. A less-guilty nasi goreng because it’s not oily. The taste – was rather plain but just nice for my preference.


Been craving for Kindori ice-cream since weeks ago. Whenever I’m meeting up friends at S.Pyramid, I’ll bring them to Kindori for a short break or a chat. So far, it’s the best ice-cream I’ve ever tasted!

The best point is… it’s all made of fresh fruits / ingredients! Once you ordered, they’ll scoop the fruits of your choice, blend it together with 100% milk ice cream base and voila! - Perfectly healthy yet so delicious ice cream! Ice cream indulgence has never been so healthy before! Their flavors? Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mango, Banana, Coconut, Carrot, Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Bean… you name it! But my fav. of all is Pumpkin!! Ohh, I’m a pumpkin lover. The texture is not 100% smooth. There’ll be bits & pieces of fruits for you to chew on. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s an extra PLUS point! Nom nom nom! Heavenly!

Oh, did I mention that we ate 4 ice creams that day? LOL! They were having a father’s day promotion – buy 2nd ice cream at 50%! Just so irresistible!

Papaya, Cranberry, Pumpkin

Carbo(hydrate) indulgence - Wasabi Mayonnaise Potato Chips from Ireland's Potato. I would like it better if the wasabi taste is stronger.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dumplings from Chris’s Mummy

Chris brought me 5 dumplings from home last Friday. In fact, I asked for it days earlier :) Specially customized for Yim’s family preference! Ingredients inside - one whole salted egg yolk (I LOVE salted egg yolk! more, more! :D ), dried oyster, dried shrimp, mushroom, beans and chicken. Traditionally, belly pork is one of the main ingredients of Ba Chang but for a healthier alternative, chicken meat is used to replace it. Ba Chang with belly pork is more aromatic but since I am not a pork person, it’s a plus point for me. And you can never find a dumpling with such a generous amount of salted egg yolk outside! We both ate it all for Saturday’s breakfast.

After warmed up. Fluffy & gooey..

Generous amount of salted egg yolk

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turtle "Brain"

Introducing my 3 years old "brain"...

This "brain" is really getting on my nerves! From start up till I sign in to MSN, it took me around 10 minutes! Am waiting for Chris to re-format and install new anti-virus software into this pc.

Beside the fact that the pc is old, I suppose the virus is the main reason it’s getting slower and slower. I can hear the dreadful sound of my pc whenever I’m loading something. I did think of getting a new laptop to replace but well….. bo lui (no money, in hokkien) la… what else? I’ve been eyeing on Toshiba laptop for like, decades…. pink one! T.T For the meanwhile, I got no choice but to live with it! Hopefully it can perform better after reformat *sigh*

Wey Wei's House Warming

How could I resist the invitation to Wey wei’s house warming? First of all, we haven’t met up for quite some time. Secondly, we have so many juicy gossips to update each other :P

Located at Kota Kemuning, her house is definitely a wise choice for an investment. There’s a significant rise of the property value from the day it was launched. Those who had bought it earlier will certainly earn a big sum of money if they sell it now. Anyhow, I’m a total dumbass in all sorts of investment thingy and… I’m poor. Having a car already enough to make me puffing… *cough* =o=

I was ½ hour late when I reached Wey wei’s house and I thought “Omg, they must be baking the pizza already!” But heck, I was the first one arrived! =.- while waiting for others, I had a tour of Wey wei’s lovely house. I envied her daughter’s room. Her bed is bigger than mine! and that’s my dream room when I was a kid T.T Kids nowadays are definitely luckier… *sigh* ohh, and that bathtub in master bedroom – nice! Soaking in a hot bubble bath after work is such a great way to unwind. But only for house that has spacious bathroom though.

Wey wei, Camy, Siok Wei, Rachel & me mingle around in the kitchen.

When there's Joey, there's camwhore session ^^V

With Rachel & Camy. Making funny faces ~ :P

Come give jie jie a kiss, will ya?

It started to rain heavily when those guys were setting up the BBQ grills but it doesn’t stop us to get it going! The BBQ ingredients were all nicely arranged in a stick with a brilliant combination of colorful peppers and meats. Like I said, a healthier BBQ! There were a lot more BBQ ingredients for the night – chicken wings, squids, prawns… and her hubby’s secret recipe sauce! Phewww, it was an eating & gossiping frenzy night! :D

The colorful BBQ sticks!

With the ever-so-witty & a mummy-to-be, Karen!

Phewww, it was an eating & gossiping frenzy night! :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dumpling Day

Happy Fat Dumpling Day! Just ate my dinner. Count as lucky that my father is free to cook dinner tonight, else I’ll be celebrating Dumpling Festival with a box of zhap fan T.T~
Wonder how other families will celebrate it tonight? Mine was a typical quiet one especially when my sis-in-law & B Chai are not around tonight. Hard not to admit that during festival days like these, I would prefer to have a merrier one instead of a..well, quiet one. I reckon things would be better if mum is still around (healthily, though). Perhaps if she is in the mood, she might wrap a dozen or two dumplings for us to eat-till-you-drop! Ahhh, mum’s dumpling’s the best! Customized perfectly to suit our taste buds. I like it white (glutinous rice without black soya sauce) and more peppery :) Now, I can only recall the taste in my memories… :(

Happy thing is, we got 3 “Pillow Dumpling” from Ah Po last week. Nope, I'm not talking about my Grandma. She is a relative of my grandparents, ummm, the relationship string is a rather long and historical story which I’m not too sure of. Every year she’ll make us dumplings despite the fact that we only visit her once a year and she is 90++ years old already! Salute to her effort & energy! Her legendary Pillow Dumpling is one of the things that we are looking forward to during Dumpling Festival. It’s not complete without her dumpling. Nothing can beat a home-made dumpling :)

Warm & fluffy pillow dumpling. Last one on the plate.

Now, I shall shut down my pc, go mop the floor…. and call it a day!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

May の Melbourne ~ Day 7

In a blink of an eye, it was our last day at Melb T.T .. After checked out from hotel, we walked to a mall nearby and binge on a heavy & sinful BIG breakfast at their food court.

Flat white – essential for a wake-me-up

BIG breakfast, literally.

A sinfully delicious breakfast! I’m contented :)

Guess what? Little did we know that we were actually in one of the DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) store! Why didn’t we find out earlier? It was just a stone’s throw away from our hotel! Hence, we spent a good 2 hours here, busy hunting for good bargains! One shop after another, from 1 paper bag to a few paper bags.. Still not satisfied, we head to another DFO at South Wharf :D

Heading to another DFO at South Wharf

Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Not everything was a good bargain though. We had to dig for the gem among the craps. It was my craziest shopping sprees so far. I felt contented but not my wallet. I practically spent all my aussie dollar that day *weep*

In the midst of shopping. Waiting for Chris to come out from fitting room.

A very very rare CUTE expression of Chris. Priceless….. :D

After stuffing in all our catches of the day into hand luggage, time for us to say “Bye, see ya!” to Melb T.T … We took Sky Bus at Southern Cross station to Tullamarine Airport. They offer high frequency of bus services & it took us only 20 mins to reach the airport. And we were in fact toooo early to reach airport 5 hours before the departure time! Mad! Perhaps we were still very much haunted by our missed flight experience 2 years back! We utilized the spare time to shop for souvenirs, wander around & have dinner. It’s better to be early than late though, because we actually spent a good 45 mins queuing up at the check in counter, another 30 mins at the Tax Refund counter and so on.. Having sufficient time saved us from some hair-pulling situation :D

Garden Salad at Nandos, before boarding.

Summary of my best catches :) ~

Guess tank top – AUD25

My best catch! Saw this dress at Guess, 1U last year. But with a hefty price tag at RM450++... too pricey for me >.

The cheapest of the bunch! AUD3 for this boyfriend’s fit tank top!! :D Long enough to hide my chunky thighs!

Skinny Jeans – 2 pairs at AUD60

Neck warmer ~ around AUD20

Chunky necklace – AUD20+, perfect to match with my newly bought tank tops!

Baby wombat shirt for B Chai & a collar shirt for father

Bedtime Balm – bought this at airport at the very last minute! Was seduced by its light & comforting scent.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

May の Melbourne ~ Day 6

Before we return the car to Europcar, we went to breakfast at Mart 130, Middle Park. Recommended by Ky Speaks’s blog, it is a restaurant converted from an old tram stop. We were seated at their partially covered outdoor dining area. The gas heater above was my life savior as it was very windy outside, as usual. Their wholesome breakfast, homey settings and relaxing atmosphere makes it a great place to spend your morning at :)

Flat White


Drinks with bubbles on top = Happiness

Mart oven roasted corn fritters with grilled bacon – thumbs up! ‘Giam’ enough for Chris’s tastebud

Poached egg with smoked salmon on a toast – plain but healthy, definitely my cup of tea.

A wholesome breakfast to start the day! Nyam!

Took a stroll at St. Kilda beach after that wholesome breakfast. What’s again, the wind was blowing so strong! But I can see peoples jogging in short & sleeveless shirt! Insanity….. ! I think during summer time, it will be a completely different picture here (like girls in bikini to eye candy at :p).

I was freezing but I ‘tahan’ only, all for the sake of photos!

See, my expression froze! -_-

The beach & Us..

Joey’s 1st driving experience at Melb? Uh uh, I better stick back to the seat beside =p

After returning the car, it’s time to count on our own feet again. Roam around Melbourne Central, MYER & Federation Square.

Melbourne Central

Our favorite snack on the go at Melb! Sushi sushi is a chain based food stall at Melb CBD. Can easily spot one within the city.. and airport as well!

Spicy prawn sushi roll. Love Max!!

Camwhore break, before we walk into MYER.

And a must-visit in Melbourne – Queen Victoria Market. Basically a ‘pasar’ selling everything from seafood to souvenirs. Bought 2 dozen of oysters and ate it right away!

Welcome to Queen Victoria Market ~

A dozen of Coffin Bay oysters

And a dozen of oyster from Tasmania

Chris getting ready to ‘telan’ all oysters :D

Slurping on oyster outside Queen Victoria Market :9

More like a Sugar Tea instead of Herbal Tea.. overly sweet, too much ice…

Soya Beer ? A lot of bubbles for my pleasure..

Flinders St Station, a classic.

At night, we dine at Mercandante Woodfired Pizzeria at Lygon St. There is an array of renowned restaurant at Lygon St to choose from. Would be good if we could have more time to discover one by one…

Seafood woodfired pizza.. again, too big for two. Unless we skip the carbonara.. We were stuffed!

Carbonara with smoked salmon

Indulging in an award winning Gelati at Il Dolce Freddo is something you can’t afford to miss out at Lygon St.

Our flavor: Bailey & Green Tea

Fireworks at Southbank.

P/s: Accompanied Chris to Crown Casino for some ‘table games’ before we officially end the day. Whoopss =P
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