Monday, May 31, 2010

May の Melbourne ~ Day 5

This got to be the most unforgettable & exciting part for the entire trip! :)

We knew that we were a tad too ambitious to allocate only 1 day for GOR (Great Ocean Road) but due to time constrain & inconveniences, we got to take the risk.

The morning itself, we went out at 8am - later than scheduled..whoops! Armed with the GPS system we rented, we start our road trip in a hurry.

Banana milk to start my long day!

The first pit-stop is none other than the well-known Geelong Waterfront. The impression that Geelong gave me is - it is a pleasant township out of the city. There are a couple of restaurants at the waterfront, mostly serving seafood.

The beautiful pier at Geelong

Joey, Joey, Joey & Joey at Geelong Waterfront

Chris joins in the fun of cloning! :D

We saw a board written “$5 for a dozen of mussels” on the top of a mini boat. We were excited and we thought “Hey, this is a good deal!” They claimed that their business hour start at 10:30am, so we waited for 45 minutes and…..

10:30am – nobody’s there yet.
10:45am – still nobody’s there.
11:00am – give them a last chance, but still nobody’s there yet. == Wtf.

And we wasted our precious 1 hour there!

But with an anticipation of even more marvelous scenery waiting for us in front, we continued our journey to the next stop, Angle Sea, without much hesitation.

To our hassle, the GPS did not provide most of the exact stop point that we were looking for. All we can do is to select whichever nearest restaurant or petrol station to our pit-stop and the rest is for us to play a guessing game.

Though, we manage to reach our 2nd pit-stop without much effort because the lookout point at Angle Sea is just beside the road.

It is one of the many scenic spot along GOR overlooking the coastal line. In fact along the scenic GOR, there are endless sea views to feed your eyes. But the lucky driver (read: Chris) definitely doesn’t get as much benefits as the one who are not driving (read: me) *cough cough*

One of my fav. pix photographed by Mr. Tripod.

Enjoying the sea breeze...

We had a quick meal at a café soon after we reached Aireys Inlet before we proceed to our 3rd pit-stop – the Split Point Lighthouse.

Chicken nugget with fries

Vege burger with fries. The vegetarian patty is made of corns, mixed vegetables & potato. Nyam, love it!

3rd pit-stop – the Split Point Lighthouse. Failed to get a clear fact of this lighthouse at Google, I assume that it was built to give a guideline & signal to ships that pass by. Someone please enlighten me if I’m wrong..

Mr. Tripod comes in handy for camwhore time like these :>

Chris & me is not compactible at all in posing :D
I'm jumping crazily while Chris is so cool =="

The colour of the sky & the clouds was so fake but it's real!

A lovely cottage nearby ~

Before we knew it, we were too far apart from the scheduled time. We were running out of time! Out of no choice, we got to call off all of the shortlisted pit-stop in front and proceed to Twelve Apostles straight away. But to further delay our schedule, there was a road block in front due to some road cleaning in progress. Hmm, wasted another ½ hour there!

Endless sea views to feed your eyes along the scenic GOR

At Devil’s Elbow lookout.. an eerie name :\

Saw a rainbow for the 3rd, 4th or 5th time.. it’s so easy to spot a rainbow there ~

Cape Patton’s lookout.

Chris was mumbling worriedly. We have 3 options: Ask people for an optional way back to CBD, overnight at one of those B&B cottages OR turn back now. Thanks to the cashier of the pump station! He gave Chris a FOC map, guide & highlight the alternative route to get back to CBD from Twelve Apostles faster.

And there we go… an almost endless road in front, through the deep forest! I fell asleep halfway through and when I awake, we were still in the forest! =.= honestly, it was kind of creepy… no cars in front or behind us.. Just us with the trees & the very quiet road.. ewww :S The kilometers shown in the GPS, doesn’t seem to be reducing.
Chris: I want to take 50 photos later! WTF, makes me drive so far! %%#()@@

Hours later, at last, we reached the Twelve Apostles!! I can’t describe the feeling in me! I was touched & glad that we made it here and I was excited, all at the same time!

3 minutes walk from the parking area; we reached Twelve Apostles lookout point. I was blown away, literally, by the strong wind & the picturesque view! Luckily enough, we manage to reach just right on time during the sunset. Well, I must say that it’s worth all the long hours of driving!

The Tweleve Apostles! Like, finally ....

Must camwhore 'gao gao'!

We made it! Bravo! To Chris especially :D

By a nice & friendly photographer we met there :)

Before we knew it, the sky was getting darker and we gotta dash back to the city! Chris drove very carefully as the road was very very dark. But we were accompanied by a bunch of stars in the sky.. gleaming wonderfully along the way…. * *

To end the remarkable day, we had a decent dinner at Fisherman’s Pier, Geelong

Wine newbie :p

Wine for the night – Pinot Noir & Shiraz

Our Seafood Platter for two – not impressive though because the prawns & crab were not fresh. Not worth the price tag.

I have a little thinking in my mind now… If there is a chance, I would love to re-visit GOR again! ^^ and the next time round, we’ll overnight at one of the B&B cottages along GOR so that we can forget about the rush and have more time to explore places that we have missed out this time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May の Melbourne ~ Day 4

Been ages since the last time I visited a zoo. Among a heap of zoo in Melb, I picked Melbourne Zoo because it is the nearest to CBD, just ½ hour drive from the city. The zoo is very well maintained, organized & clean. The zoo is divided into a few sections with its own theme for us to explore them one by one. We saw at least 3 to 4 groups of school children that day, enjoying their ‘Learn & Explore’ trip at the zoo. Thus the supposedly quiet zoo was lifted up with a lot of kid’s cheerful giggles & curious questions as well as teachers yelling “remember to hold the hand of your partner & stay in one line!”

However, it was not a very fruitful day due to:

Koala – was sleeping with its butt facing us! T.T Apparently, they need to sleep 20 hours a day and we probably have missed that precious 4 hours! Huhuhu…

Kangaroo – was lying lazily on the ground =.= mmm, but couldn’t complain. Takkan ask them to jump around 24/7 right.

Penguin – was not there!! Might be sleeping or something… aiks!

Now see why I said it was not a fruitful day, because those were the 3 main animals that I was dying to see in Melb. So can’t blame me on camwhor-ing like a ‘siao poh’ with the teddy koala in the souvenir shop T.T ~ But nevertheless we did gain some new knowledge & experience there for sure.

Sure win if I use this photo to enter ‘Mother & Daughter Look Alike’ contest :D

“I’m busy catching ‘kutu’, no time to ‘layan’ you. Please come another day”

It’s a charming autumn ~

I don’t look like a Gorilla, do I? o.O

Shy to admit that I’m still scared of butterflies flying around me o.O

The temperature is warm inside the butterfly’s farm to suit their habitat. Would love to stay longer inside to prove that I conquered my fear successfully but the camera lens was fogging due to the sudden change of temperature. This is the best butterfly picture I manage to capture in a rush!

Had a quick & simple meal for lunch. My Green Curry Chicken Rice. Just right to warm up my stomach & body.

They call this a Chinese ‘Dim Sim’. Lol, sounds funny.

Burung pipit.. :)

One of the highlights of the zoo – Baby Mali

Emo-ing .. :P

Tempted to do a Bollywood dance here ~

Taking a camwhore break on a carpet of dried leaves…

Basking under the sun

Kangaroo lazing around ==

Spot the animal in this picture! ..........................
It's a koala..... BUTT! Can't even get a good picture of its butt! T.T

Ok kids; let me show you how to differentiate between a female butt & a male butt of a zebra. LOL!

The Sea Lion is showing off its swimming & twisting skills :D

At last, I can hug a Koala... *hallucinating*

On the way back from Melbourne Zoo, Chris stopover at this large & beautiful park at Port Philip. It has a wide & gorgeous lake that stretched along the park. Too bad it was a very windy day, with strong & cold wind blowing. We were freezing. We just strolled around for ½ an hour and can’t wait to jump back into our warm car! Brrr…

Albert Park - a large & beautiful park at Port Philip. It has a wide & gorgeous lake that stretched along the park.


The Point – a restaurant by the lake. Chris thought of having an early dinner here but we were in fact too early as the restaurant is open for dinner at 6pm. I couldn’t bear waiting another hour outside at such a breezy weather, so we have to give it a miss.

The clouds were constantly moving due to the strong wind.

A casual dinner at Nando’s.
Chris: This is the most ‘giam’ & tastiest food I had in CBD so far!
Me:……. this creature can’t live without giam-ness (murmuring to myself)

That night, we went to bed earlier to get enough rest for our GOR trip the next day! Our most adventurous ride by far!
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