Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yan'z Crazy Seventeen

Yan doing some magic spell to create an unlimited-berryberrystrawbeeyicecream-cup! :D

Ice Cream Fondue at Baskin Robbins... Oh ya, Julian was the boss! Thank u ~

Roll, roll, roll your ice cream...

Yan insisted that she wants a “surprise” from us for her birthday. Thus, Chris/we brought her to Italiannies! Little that she knows that there will be a surprise for her later :D

Spot the difference!

Mussels Lombardi

Clam Linguine

Seafood Cioppino

Grilled Salmon Oreganato

By Julian :)

Halfway through the dinner, Chris sneaking-ly went to the bar counter to arrange for her “surprise”.

Approximately 15-20minutes later, here comes a group of waiters singing Birthday song at our table.

A group of cheerful waiters singing Birthday song for Yan :D

Yan was asked to give a speech and she was shy certainly. Well, couldn’t compare to the usual talkative her… :p Anyway, my situation was exactly the same with her when my friends did the same to me a few years back during my birthday. So… think we have to improve ourselves in public speaking? Hmm..

Shy & blushed Yan

Ok, now here comes the classic moment of the night! After the rather short speech, it’s the candle blowing time! She was asked to blow the candle from far:

Waiter: (hold the cake higher) Now, blow the candle from your place.
Yan: Huh…. (shy & oh-my-god-how-could-you-do-this-to-me)

In a sudden… Puuffffff!! She did it, in just one attempt! Unbelievable, because she seems so shy at that moment but she manage to give a strong PUFF! LOL! It was such a big waste for not recording a video! That scenario was a classic! :D

The classic PUFF!! She did it in just one attempt!

Yan's Crazily Sweet Seventeen -

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