Monday, April 05, 2010

Miko & Joe Wedding ~ 23 & 240110 ~

Miko, a sweetheart, was one of my colleagues at Taiko back then. In such a big company, it’s rather hard to find someone as nice & as helpful as her. In fact she was someone who will just keep quiet and tolerate will all the difficulties that came across her. I have to salute her for this! Most importantly, she is someone that I can trust & share everything with without hesitation. She is like a big sis to me. She’ll provide me with some useful advice & thoughts whenever I need it. Although we did not meet up as frequent as we used to be but still I’m glad that we are still keeping in touch with each other and she did not forget to invite to join her special day!

Needless to say, I was more than happy that Miko had finally found someone who can take good care of her & rely on for the rest of her life. Miko, I hope you’ll have a blissful & happy life ahead :)

Morning session at Miko's parent house:

Wedding photo display at living room

We are one of Miko's Ji Mui Team.. yo!

Bravo to all Ji Mui(s)!

Dinner the next day at Fortuna Palace Restaurant, Kajang.

Out table - Carol, Ms. Ng, Grace, Kio, Johnny, Me & Chris

How could I miss the opportunity to camwhore at the nicely decorated stage? :)

In a loving mood.... >3

Miko was busy welcoming guest at the entrance...

Me & sweetheart Miko ^^

I can't control myself from kissing my sweetheart's photo >3<

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