Thursday, April 22, 2010

Julian's Sweet Sixteen

A hangout day at KL to celebrate Julian’s Sweet Sixteen ~

1st station was the new Hutong Food Court at Lot 10. You can find an array of good 'ol famous KL hawkers stall all gathered in one food court. Besto!

Yan's Strawberry *something*

The legendary Kim Lean Kee Hokkien Mee. The longest queue of all but worth the wait! :)

A dot of Green in the city at Lot 10 rooftop. A new place to explore.

See No Step, please.

... pretty women, walking down the street... :P The city simply looks friendlier in a comic-feel effect.

Times Square

Sg. Wang

Can't resist the "Free Smell" Famous Amos ^,^

Next stop, Pavilion.

The J&J Jumper (J&J = Julian & Joey). Nice one :)

The Fish Eye effect? Doesn't fail to make me chuckle each time I look at it. LOL!

We headed to CapSquare to have our dinner. We were looking around for Jarrod & Rawlins but to no avail. According to the safety guard, it was closed down not long ago. So we picked Bayernhaus, a similar restaurant that serves German cuisine as well. Their foods were nothing to shout about but their cozy settings was very pleasing, with lots of cushion to hug on. But the restaurant was somehow a tad too quiet for a Saturday nite. I mean the whole CapSquare was quiet! Not much crowd there.. hmm..

Beer for a 16 years old grown up boy, NOT! They serve plain water in pre-cleaned (I hope it was hygiene as well) used beer bottle. Good idea, isn't it? Nice presentation.

A group photo of us for the night :)

Chef's Salad

Pork's Knuckle

Grill Platter. The chicken fillet was overcooked :/ so hard to chew on...

A cozy sofa with lots of cushions to play around.

I-am-drunk pose :D

1 little, 2 little, 3 little, 4 little Yan Yan....

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