Friday, April 30, 2010

Love Mi's Concert, G.Highland

Ok, we’ve watched the concert in HK last December but do you think that Chris will skip the Malaysia’s version? Not a chance! But just remember, don’t compare! They can almost do none of the effects & visual as in HK due to the lack of equipment and obviously, the size of the stage. There was a problem with the mike as well during the dancing part. Quite frustrating…. Moreover, Sammi seems to talk lesser in M’sia compare to HK. Maybe the script has been repeated for so many times that she rather talk less and sing more. Nevertheless, good show Mi!

Friday night - waiting for the concert to start and practising to scream "Sammiiiiiiii ..!" :D

Supper at 好友记 Express after concert ~ Hungery...

Foot-Long Yao Char Kuey

Hard to take a decent photo with my face posing at a direct angle. Bo bian, the fact of life for a donut face creature (=.=)

Day 2 - Went to a spa & massage treat at M Spa while Chris went to ..... *cough cough* ......

Jacuzzi area.. soak myself in the hot jacuzzi to set my body muscle in a relax mode before going for the Balinese massage. Too bad I can't bring in my camera because the massage room settings was quite decent. A individual room with dim lighting and traditional music playing in the background..

Saturday Night - Love Mi last show in M'sia.

During the encore part, we able to ran down to the front of the stage. This is exactly how near we were :D Shiok ~ Sorry for the blurness cause we only brought baby Sam with us this time. and prolly too gan jeong cause "Sammi..! (waves hand)"

The next morning, ate buffet lunch at Coffee Terrace House

Famous satay. The satay sauce is superb! with lots of peanut chunks!

C-I-Y (Cook it yourself) Udon + Tempura

All time favorite, Chicken Rice.

Ice Cream to end the gluttony meal!

After tired of lepak-ing alone around, went to BR to continue lepak-ing and savour on some cold+creamy+ sweet stuffs .... while waiting for Chris... *cough cough*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Julian's Sweet Sixteen

A hangout day at KL to celebrate Julian’s Sweet Sixteen ~

1st station was the new Hutong Food Court at Lot 10. You can find an array of good 'ol famous KL hawkers stall all gathered in one food court. Besto!

Yan's Strawberry *something*

The legendary Kim Lean Kee Hokkien Mee. The longest queue of all but worth the wait! :)

A dot of Green in the city at Lot 10 rooftop. A new place to explore.

See No Step, please.

... pretty women, walking down the street... :P The city simply looks friendlier in a comic-feel effect.

Times Square

Sg. Wang

Can't resist the "Free Smell" Famous Amos ^,^

Next stop, Pavilion.

The J&J Jumper (J&J = Julian & Joey). Nice one :)

The Fish Eye effect? Doesn't fail to make me chuckle each time I look at it. LOL!

We headed to CapSquare to have our dinner. We were looking around for Jarrod & Rawlins but to no avail. According to the safety guard, it was closed down not long ago. So we picked Bayernhaus, a similar restaurant that serves German cuisine as well. Their foods were nothing to shout about but their cozy settings was very pleasing, with lots of cushion to hug on. But the restaurant was somehow a tad too quiet for a Saturday nite. I mean the whole CapSquare was quiet! Not much crowd there.. hmm..

Beer for a 16 years old grown up boy, NOT! They serve plain water in pre-cleaned (I hope it was hygiene as well) used beer bottle. Good idea, isn't it? Nice presentation.

A group photo of us for the night :)

Chef's Salad

Pork's Knuckle

Grill Platter. The chicken fillet was overcooked :/ so hard to chew on...

A cozy sofa with lots of cushions to play around.

I-am-drunk pose :D

1 little, 2 little, 3 little, 4 little Yan Yan....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yan'z Crazy Seventeen

Yan doing some magic spell to create an unlimited-berryberrystrawbeeyicecream-cup! :D

Ice Cream Fondue at Baskin Robbins... Oh ya, Julian was the boss! Thank u ~

Roll, roll, roll your ice cream...

Yan insisted that she wants a “surprise” from us for her birthday. Thus, Chris/we brought her to Italiannies! Little that she knows that there will be a surprise for her later :D

Spot the difference!

Mussels Lombardi

Clam Linguine

Seafood Cioppino

Grilled Salmon Oreganato

By Julian :)

Halfway through the dinner, Chris sneaking-ly went to the bar counter to arrange for her “surprise”.

Approximately 15-20minutes later, here comes a group of waiters singing Birthday song at our table.

A group of cheerful waiters singing Birthday song for Yan :D

Yan was asked to give a speech and she was shy certainly. Well, couldn’t compare to the usual talkative her… :p Anyway, my situation was exactly the same with her when my friends did the same to me a few years back during my birthday. So… think we have to improve ourselves in public speaking? Hmm..

Shy & blushed Yan

Ok, now here comes the classic moment of the night! After the rather short speech, it’s the candle blowing time! She was asked to blow the candle from far:

Waiter: (hold the cake higher) Now, blow the candle from your place.
Yan: Huh…. (shy & oh-my-god-how-could-you-do-this-to-me)

In a sudden… Puuffffff!! She did it, in just one attempt! Unbelievable, because she seems so shy at that moment but she manage to give a strong PUFF! LOL! It was such a big waste for not recording a video! That scenario was a classic! :D

The classic PUFF!! She did it in just one attempt!

Yan's Crazily Sweet Seventeen -

Monday, April 05, 2010

Miko & Joe Wedding ~ 23 & 240110 ~

Miko, a sweetheart, was one of my colleagues at Taiko back then. In such a big company, it’s rather hard to find someone as nice & as helpful as her. In fact she was someone who will just keep quiet and tolerate will all the difficulties that came across her. I have to salute her for this! Most importantly, she is someone that I can trust & share everything with without hesitation. She is like a big sis to me. She’ll provide me with some useful advice & thoughts whenever I need it. Although we did not meet up as frequent as we used to be but still I’m glad that we are still keeping in touch with each other and she did not forget to invite to join her special day!

Needless to say, I was more than happy that Miko had finally found someone who can take good care of her & rely on for the rest of her life. Miko, I hope you’ll have a blissful & happy life ahead :)

Morning session at Miko's parent house:

Wedding photo display at living room

We are one of Miko's Ji Mui Team.. yo!

Bravo to all Ji Mui(s)!

Dinner the next day at Fortuna Palace Restaurant, Kajang.

Out table - Carol, Ms. Ng, Grace, Kio, Johnny, Me & Chris

How could I miss the opportunity to camwhore at the nicely decorated stage? :)

In a loving mood.... >3

Miko was busy welcoming guest at the entrance...

Me & sweetheart Miko ^^

I can't control myself from kissing my sweetheart's photo >3<

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