Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Happy Hand & Smelly Feet

Love & Hate Manicure!
Don't you just admire those gorgeous nails of kawaii Japanese model in ViVi Magazine, with all the blings blings, diamond and all? For me, it is a dream that will never came true, or maybe just maybe one day when I'm getting married (not in Malaysia, for sure :P). Obviously the main reason is because I have to do housechores! In my life so far, I only did (basic) manicure for 4 to 5 time for special occasion and it was after many dilemma beforehand because I have to be prepared to become a 'orang cacat' for a day or at least for the first 3 hours before it completely dries up. And I have to becareful with every hand movement I make especially like opening door lock or do filing (high risk!). It caused tension because I have to keep looking on my fingers to check if there is any flaws after I zip my pant, for an example. Anyway, just wanted to share my manicure with you all before I zip my pant :D

DIY 3D Manicure for Annual Dinner ~ I'm getting more and more interested in painting nails myself. Though time consuming and not perfect but it's kind of fun :)

My D.I.Y manicure for CNY - 花开富贵 ** A big success! ^^V

My Christmas Manicure! Did it at Kitsu Nails, Puchong :D You see, I si beh kiam siap, only add design on 2 fingers per hand!
Love this design... Feather + Snow

Did a spa pedicure at Kitsu Nails as well. RM80 for the spa pedicure with a free manicure.

Purple Zebra - attending friend's wedding dinner

My smelly feet.. ewww

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  1. I tried the Konad Stamping Nail Art set, but never success ... aii..


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