Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gathering with Bel, Nic & Susan

A gathering with primary schoolmates! Yes, PRIMARY! I think I'm getting more and more into having gatherings =) A long girl's talk (or should i say women?)is simply so enjoyable. We could share a lot of womenly (and disgusting :p) things together! And laugh it off like there's no tomorrow :D Besides, it's so nice to recall back our memorable childhood at school :)

Our gathering venue: Zen, Sunway Pyramid. Japanese buffet lunch.

New camwhore buddies! :D

It will be such a waste if we don't camwhore right?! :D

Memorable moments :)

Enjoying a chat over Ice Cream after movie

Chea's blueberry-poisoned tongue :9

Credit goes to: Facebook, MSN and Us who made effort to join the gathering! :>

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