Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Winter の 香港 - Day 6

- Breakfast at Charlie Brown Café
- Shopping at Tsim Tsa Tsui
- Camwhore at 1881 Heritage
- Stroll around Avenue of Stars
- Love Mi’s Concert (2nd round!)

Charlie Brown (Chocolater Hazelnut Mousse) &
Snoopy (Banana & White Coffee Mousse)

X’mas Special: Gingerbread Latte

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

Mushroom Truffle Spaghetti Pizza

Lepak-ing & Camwhore at 1881 Heritage. 无聊地camwhore起来了 .. hoho

Love the funny reflection on the Christmas Ball @@

Wandering around 天星碼頭 before we rush to watch Love Mi’s Concert for the 2nd time! :D

How could I not camwhore at such a beautiful night city view? :P

不约而同地在这镜子自拍 ~ 哈哈!

My newly bought zebra print legging at Langham Mall. *heart heart*

Chocolate Pie at McD

Our seat at Love Mi’s Concert for the 2nd round.. 2nd cheapest & highest seat! Can you feel the high-ness of our seat? Sit tight or you’ll be rolling down! Not a bad experience after all… Just sing along “It’s so high high high, you gotta get go…let’s get it going up!” :D

My supper – Chicken Curry Rice at 7-11. You'll never get hungry at HK :)


  1. so where's your so called "heart heart" legging now??

  2. In wardrobe la =.= ... have to pair with suitable tops 1 ma...


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