Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas P

A loooooong list of Christmas presents I got for this year!




Ok, I lied. I don’t have a proud list of Christmas presents like some people do, but I will at least have two every year.

One from Chris.

One from myself.


This is what Chris got for me this year - Dior Skin’s Liquid Foundation in Nude colour (actually I picked this myself *cough* but anyway….) this is my first ever liquid foundation as I never own one before. I had always wanted to have one in my makeup box but I was worried that I’ll further ruin my already-clogged skin. But since now my skin has slightly improved (after some hard work & hard cash), I decided that I shall be able to use them on my skin on an occasional basis (e.g. dinner, special occasion).

Christmas gift from myself – 3 books by Cecelia Ahern. Comes in a lovely Christmas box. Her book, “PS, I Love you” has been made into a movie which I haven’t watch. However, just by reading the summary at the back of the book, I think this book is going to make me cry. Come to think of it, if “Shopaholic & Sister” can make me cry, what else can’t? -.-

The Christmas cheers have ended but hopefully, the spirit remains. I have yet to blog about my Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. So much to blog, so little time.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Lunch: Tanzini, G Tower.

This again has proved the power of food blogs. I’ve heard of Tanzini through some food blogs that I frequented as Tanzini had invited a few food bloggers to review about their foods and hotel some time ago.

Al-fresco area.

Bright environment, chic decorations and furnishings as well as excellent service. Not to forget, the dazzling view of KLCC and a brilliant al-fresco area to enjoy the view – they have it all.

Initially we wanted to book a table for dinner on Christmas night but sadly, they were all fully booked. To be exact, the entire restaurant was booked by a family (obviously a rich family) for a private function. So the next best option was, lunch. The restaurant was rather quiet and empty when we were there. We were given the one and only menu of their Christmas Brunch Set. There were servings of lamb and beef which we don’t eat, so after some talk with the helpful manager, he agreed to take it off from our menu and replace it with fish instead.

Trio of Juice Booster Shots – consists of apple, orange and celery juice. A healthy and refreshing drink to start the meal.

Antipasti Tower:

Goat Cheese and Smoky Tomato Bruschetta – the goat cheese had a very strong flavour. I popped it in my mouth and let the cheese slowly melts by itself.

Seared Baby Scallop wrapped in Duck Pancetta – without looking at the menu, I would have thought the duck pancetta was bacon. The saltiness in duck pancetta has given the baby scallop a good boost of flavor. It had a light aroma borrowed from the stalk of rosemary, which I love.

Smoked Salmon

Eggs, Tanzini Style:

Omelet with Truffle Butter and Asparagus Spears – a nicely folded omelet with the center remained moist.

Half-boiled Egg Truffle Butter and Asparagus Spears – very ordinary. I prefer the omelet much better.

Seasonal Festive Platter:

Fresh Baked Bread – warm and lovely.

Blanched Baby Spinach – Bland tasting but I suppose healthy food should taste that way. It prepares the stomach for the main course ahead.

Rustic Potato Salad – lightly blanched baby potatoes tossed in olive oil, lemon and dill. Slices of fennel gave this salad a crunchy bite.

Garden Salad

Roast Turkey – First time having real turkey meat. They said turkey meat has a rough and dry texture like chicken breast but for me, it’s all fine. This one particularly, was nicely roasted as the meat was in between tender and dry – just nice.

Pan Roasted Omega 3 Barramundi with Cornetti Beans – Apparently, the fishes came from their own farm and bred in a clean and chemical-free environment. If that’s true, it is certainly a plus point for health conscious diners. What I like about this dish was the crispy and full-of-omega-3 fish skin.

Sauces for Roast Turkey & Pan Roasted Barramundi

Festive Petit Fours:

Christmas Log Slice – light and fluffy with pistachio bits.

Brandied Christmas Pudding – Firm and hard with chewy nuts and raisin. Had a note of sweet spices too.

Fruity, Nutty Chocolate Bark – This has won my heart among the other two. Despite the oh-so-cute and lovely baby cherries garnish, the bittersweet taste of the chocolate bark was something I highly appreciate too. One baby cherry + a bite of nutty chocolate bark = a match made in heaven.

Latte & Cappuccino - happy ending.

Endless chatter.

We have a planning already - to celebrate Carol's birthday this coming January at Tanzini. This time, dinner. I'm sure the view at night is even more stunning.

Friday, December 24, 2010

ho hO HO ~

Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming…. to town! :D

Why Christmas song is ever so melodious to the ear? I can’t help but feeling the joy rising inside me whenever I hear Christmas songs playing on the radio and shopping mall. And in fact, I have found out that we do have Christmas weather here in Malaysia after all. Although we have no winter and snow and all in Malaysia, but we do have cooling weather towards the end of the year, which, I name it “The Christmas Weather” :D

Rainy days may have caused me some hassle, but without the rain, the weather wouldn’t be so refreshing. I can still enjoy such christmas-ty weather for about another month before the arrival of Chinese New Year when the weather will be burning hot again.

White Christmas Deco at Empire Shopping Gallery. When can I have a real white Christmas? :D

Here, wishing everyone a


BIG & Warm hug! ^________^

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kampachi, Pavilion

Kampung girl going out to city. Christmas deco in front of Pavilion.

Haven’t been to KL for months! 3 months at least… Thanks to a 40% voucher, I can finally get out from the kampung :P Chris wants to utilize that voucher to get some new clothes for CNY. Ahh, how I miss the crowded noise at KL.

A quiet Sunday afternoon. Green Tea.

We start the day with a lunch at Kampachi, a Japanese restaurant by Equatorial Hotel. The entire restaurant is very spacious and calm, with Japanese music playing on the background. We opted for a seat near the glass panel which is brighter and has a small view of the bustling street.

Soft Shell Crab Temaki – utterly crispy.

Soba & Chirashi Set – a rather big set, just perfect for greedy pig like me. I can have soba and rice, all at the same time! The set includes a bowl of soba with soup, prawn tempura, chirashi don, chawan mushi, pickles and fruits.

Soba with soup – apparently, their soba is made of imported buckwheat and is handmade daily. Perhaps because it is handmade, the soba has a nice grainy texture. The broth is very light tasting.

Prawn Tempura – crispy and has an airy texture. Eager to try more of their tempura next time.

Chirashi Don – this is like sushi in a bowl, with assorted sashimi served on top of a bowl of rice. I’m not a big fan of sashimi but among the bunch, I prefer the salmon belly.

Chawan Mushi – very smooth and has a strong taste of shitake mushroom.

Saba Set – This salt-grilled mackerel has got a thumb up from Chris. The mackerel is tender, juicy and has the right amount of saltiness.

After hours of shopping, Chris has got a few tops and slacks while I got nothing! -_- which, is quite unbelievable. But never mind, I can have Godiva Dark Chocolate Decadence ^^

Not as good as I imagined it would be, to be honest. Some extra bitter taste of dark chocolate would do it good. But yumsss to the whipped cream :9

Would love to try their cakes too, next time maybe :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Pixie Cut

It seems like I’m still in the era of pixie cut craze.

Yes, I cut my hair again. In fact, I have been keeping this pixie hairstyle for about a year now. But this time much shorter on the right side, similar to my first pixie cut. I’m very much influenced by Sammi Cheng’s pixie cut which I think looks uber stylish and smart on her. I love it from the very first time I saw it at her concert in HK.

Despite having a little boyish attitude, this haircut has its feminine side too as one side of the hair and fringe particularly, will be kept long. So you basically can have both boyish and girlish looks in one haircut. That’s what I love about this haircut. Although some might think I look better in long hair but I just haven’t had enough of it yet. This haircut makes me feel energetic and light (and younger, perhaps?) :D

This haircut needs some styling to look its best, which, I’m very lazy at. I would style it with a bit of wax or hairspray only when I’m going out.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm lovin' it ~

I had a sudden craving for a hearty breakfast this morning. Forget about the yogurt and wholemeal biscuits for one morning, can I? When was the last time I had breakfast at McDonald’s? Probably a year ago? Hmm.. that’s quite long. Instinctively, I drove in to the McD’s nearby my office. That’s possibly the wisest decision I’ve made, for today :P The greetings from an enthusiastic staff, the jazz songs playing in the background, the morning sun rays, the smell of my Egg McMuffin… just fab!

Just one thing… the calories! (and the price. A clerk like me can’t afford to have breakfast like this, everyday!)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

List of Fours

Yesterday, as usual, I dropped by at Sunshine’s blog and was reading her latest post under the title of List of Fours. Little did I know that at the end of the post, there was a surprise for me - she tagged me! Gosh.. but it was quite fun because I never did anything like this before. So here is my List of Fours :)

1. Four shows that you watch (all from Hong Kong :p)

• 義海豪情 (No Regrets)
• 公主嫁到 (Can’t Buy Me Love)
• 和味蘇 (Kitchen Diva Louisa)
• 刑警 (Gun Metal Grey)

2. Four things you are passionate about

• Food
• Photography
• Cooking
• Shopping

3. Four words/phrases you say a lot

• Oh my gosh
• Sh*t
• I don’t wanna go work….
• Thanks

4. Four things you've learned from the past:

• Never take things for granted
• Fight for your rights
• Exercise is essential for overall wellness.
• Time can heal all wounds

5. Four places you would like to go (I have loads!)

• Paris
• Milan
• Japan
• Hawaii

6. Four things you did yesterday

• BodyJam class
• Blog
• Paid telephone bill
• Discussed with brother where to dinner this weekend

7. Four things you are looking forward to

• Jingle bell jingle bell… Christmas!!
• My birthday!! ^^
• Chinese New Year!
• Holiday Trip, woo hoo!

8. Four things you love about Winter (although there is no winter in Malaysia)

• I can wear gorgeous winter jacket, trench coat and scarf!
• I can wear my favourite pair of boots!
• The chilly breeze ~
• My skin is less oily

9. Tag 4 people to play along (oh, I don’t have much friends in blogsphere. Hmm..)

• Belinda at myminisode (she is a busy bee)
• Laura at laurahii (she is busy too)
• Baby Sumo at goodyfoodies (she only writes about food)
• Michelle Chin at Niche (I’m her blog reader, not sure if she’ll see this)


K Break at Newbox

I remember I was feeling low that particular morning. I was sick of sitting in this office cubicle; worrying boss would pop in anytime without a warning. My heart was screaming for freedom! I didn’t know what I could do than just letting my resentment flow away by itself when suddenly, my mobile phone was singing “When I hear the birds start singing I wanna see you….”. It was my aunt, Natalie calling. Her call came at the right time and moreover, her suggestion to go Karaoke at night sounded like a savior to me! Gosh, I really need some fun!

Four Old Folks :D

We only managed to drag along my brother and sis-in-law to complete our “Old Folks Group of Four”. Frankly, at first I thought, there would be less fun without the presence of the younger ones but I was downright wrong! It was all fun and we all (except sis-in-law :P) sang our heart out shamelessly! To my surprise, Aunt Natalie knows a lot of new songs, like most of them! Oh, she is one hot aunt!

Everything tasted reasonably good except the disastrous sushi, cold and hard. So yea, sushi is served cold but it should taste fresh instead of stale. But well, you can’t complain much. It’s a medium-range buffet spread.

Left: I love the fried mihun and fried beancurd sheet.
Right: Oh this is a blurry photo but my aunt looks cute here ^^

It was a fun-filled night. I was feeling contented and lighter all over. We shall do it again soon because we deserve a break anytime, anywhere!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friend is like a pot of flower

Selina has got to be one of my very few close friends who misses me a lot, like all the time :P if you didn’t know yet, she is my ex-colleague (in fact, I have many ex-colleagues, ahemm). Since after we go the separate way, she has been the one who persistently asking for a meet up and gathering. She is such a sweet dear but I have to let her down most of the time because I’m always busy during weekend (and weekdays even). Not to say busy, but weekend is my only time to be with Chris. Hence I would always turn down most of the gathering/event planned on weekend.

To be very honest, at times, I would be rather annoyed by routine questions like “when can we meet up?” or “when you will be free?”, it’s not like we didn’t meet up for ages. But at the same time I’m upset with myself too for not be able to fork out some time for a dear friend, what a nice friend I am.

Don't be frightened by my after-work-bare face -_-

Last few weeks ago, I managed to spare a night on a weekday to have a nice dinner (at Tony Roma's) and long chat with her, just before she started her new job. Ahh, who cares about that pile of dirty underwear at home? I can wash them another night. You know, for the sake of friendship

BBQ Chicken Sandwich - I'm sorry but this is prolly the worst burger I've ever had -_-" Overcooked chicken, overseasoned BBQ sauce, weird chicken smell.... Ramly burger can beat this without any effort.

Grilled Pacific Cod - the fish fillet was a little bit over-grilled but still better than the burger!

Our conversation was non-other than about love, relationship and a bit of career. Perhaps it’s because we are linked in a way – her boyfriend and husband-to-be, KK, was introduced to her by me. AND KK is Chris’s ex-colleague. See, we are related in many ways in fact.

Brownie! My endorphin stimulator.

Of course, the night ended with two happy hearts, after all the ranting and toxin were out from the body system :)
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