Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cameron Highland ~ Day 1

By the time we reached our hotel, it was almost 3pm. Thanks to the traffic jam from Brinchang all the way up to Equatorial Hotel. Initially, Cameron Highland gave me an impression of serenity & peace. But what I saw was a bustling town with peoples everywhere -_- hmmmph ~ Well, I guess it must be an all-time favourite holiday destination. We (I mean me) only manage to camwhore for a bit at our apartment before we out for dinner.

I will definitely get nagged by Nie for posting this pix..
"Ahhhh! Why u post this, why u post this? So ugly me, erase it, erase it.........."
But I won't care :D lalala ~~ coz this is a nice & pretty pix, don't you think so? :P

Strawberry Juice - Bloody Mary ala Cameron Highland style...Need to replenish some 'blood' ~ I sluurpppss I slurrrrpssss ......

After dinner, we walk to the pasar malam nearby and in less than 15 minutes after we stepped our foot into the pasar malam, the rains start pouring.. ahh, it was a rainy day ~

Manage to grab a pack of delicious Fried Sweet Potato Ball at Brinchang pasar malam before the rains start pouring

Tapao-ed KFC for supper before we back to our apartment. We spent the entire night munching snacks & sipping champagne (proudly sponsored by KK) while watching TV and playing cards... hmm mm, too many things to do at the same time :D

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