Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday Blues ~

And I’m just down…..

Can’t blame it all on my laziness.. In fact I didn’t ponteng for the longest period in my history since I joined this company. Simply because I enjoyed working here and most importantly the stress level was low enough to lure me to do so.

At Secret Recipe ~ Celebrating x'mas and my Bday with coll

But now, the stress level is hiking up along with the rising of my works. Thanks to the rapid expansion of my company. Imagine this; initially there are only 3 outlets when I first joined this company. Up to date, there are 16 outlets including franchisee! Though lucky that new manpower has been brought into account department, my task is non-stop mounting up. I must say that, handling most of the account payable is somewhat stressful because everyone will be chasing over me for payments, be it our own staffs or suppliers.
Early of the month – rental, hire purchase installment, petty cash reimbursement.
Mid till end of the month – creditors bills, telephone & utility bills, staffs expenses claim, miscellaneous invoices from marketing.

The process goes like this: look through all invoices/documents -> photocopy (invoices that need to be charge to franchisee) -> issue cheque -> key into system accordingly -> print vouchers -> arrange everything in order -> submit to manager -> get the signed cheque -> arrange to bank in, call suppliers to collect -> fax / Photostat bank in slips -> filing.

Not one or two but hundreds of cheques a month, and the quantity are continuing rising. Aside from account payable, I’m also handling one franchisee account and some ad-hoc duties like uniforms and such.

I’m transforming from an everyday-happy girl to a short-tempered employee. I know that some of the colleagues realized my changes. I am also sure that there will be some of them who understand and some of them who are scared of me. I am also afraid of giving an impression of b*tchiness to suppliers and outlet staffs. ><

101 ways to kill a person with a pen ~ Agnes, Hani & Me

Quitting or switching job is a big no-no for now as we are going through this big economy crisis at the moment. Having said that, I guess I really need a short break. I don’t know if I will regret later for wasting my annual leave but I just can’t care much now because I desperately need a breakie =(

I'm tired...

休息是为了走更长远的路 ~ =}

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bye to True Fitness -_-V

Here I am sitting in my room, facing my overly bright pc monitor which is gradually deteriorating my already shortsighted eyes, blogging. Suddenly, I was granted with a lot of leisure time because my True Fitness membership was expired last week. I am kind of “forced” to take a few months off from gym due to some special reason. Frankly, I miss my Thursday Funky Line class dearly… I miss Ronicia, the ever humorous and fun instructor and I am craving for a good workout… *sight* I must have some kind of disease like fat-phobia?? I don’t know… I just hope I’m able to maintain my current weight for a few months without exercising. Skinny people out there who can hardly grow an inch of flesh, you just won’t understand my fear as much as I don’t understand yours.

Finding ways to workout:
1. Get some workout dvd to workout at home.
Both of my room and living room are pathetically small to walk around, let alone dance.

2. Go swimming.
No swimming partner who stay nearby my house, boring. Hate the chlorine as well :(

3. Go shopping every weekend.
Cannot lo… by the 3rd week definitely will bored of it and it’s not healthy to my wallet too.

4. Do more house-chores
I reckon this is the best option so far. Though all the while I already have all the house-chores scheduled in my weekly task, now I might as well add/double up the task per week. Good for me, good for my home ~

Positive side, now I can have more time to spare after work. Means I will have more time to edit photos, to blog, to do house-chores, to play with B chai, to watch tv, to plan my weekend cooking menu and to enjoy my me-time. Wow, seems like I am not that free after all… ;]

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