Tuesday, December 01, 2009

CK & Catherine's Wedding Dinner

It was an awesome & happening night with many WILD friends attending! It was like an ex-schoolmates gathering night! One of the memorable moment was when CK sang 'I do (Cherish you)' before & during the march in with Cathryn. I was touched as well as happy for Cathryn that she had found someone who can care for her everything & a shoulder to lean on for the rest of her life :)

Venue: Tai Thong Restaurant, SS17, Subang.

The bride & the groom of the night!

Catherine, the gorgeous bride ~

Foong Yen, Me, Li Chin & Sun

Esther, Stephanie, Hui Sze, Me, Sun

Chris & Me

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Makan Makan @ Melaka

Melaka - The Hisctoric City of Malaysia, is a favourite short getaway spot for us KLties. The famous chicken rice & satay celup is just an hour drive away from KL :) But there are too many chicken rice shops that claimed to be the most "original" one. You can either get some tips from fellow friends or travel forums or try this:-

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Shop

Been there twice but I was rather dissapointed with their service now compare to last time. Initially, we ordered 30 rice balls but they only served 15 rice balls plus a plate of normal chicken rice to us. *geram*

First, I question the waiter..
Me: We ordered 30 chicken rice balls
Waiter: There are limitations of order per table coz it's a holiday season now
Me: But the aunty who took down our order just now didn't mention to us about this
Waiter: *looking for the aunty...... *
Aunty came.
Me: If you mentioned to us earlier, we would go to another restaurant instead. We came so far for this chicken rice ball...
Aunty: Ohhh ya, sorry sorry, I forgot to tell you all just now.. ermmmm, never mind la... I change for you...

Duh, exchanged that plate of normal chicken rice with 10 rice balls... == So in total, we only have 25 rice balls to share among 4 of us. Not enough lo ok.

My fav Chicken Rice Ball! :9

Steamed Chicken

Yan in a hole O

Went in to 三叔公 to browse for local delicacies.

Pandan Kaya from 三叔公... very aromatic and full of flavours :9
Simply love the comic sketches on their packaging...

Perfect as souvenir ~

And their Cendol...

Durian & Gula Melaka Cendol ... came with a rather big bowl holder

Chilled Red Bean Dodol.... duh, not very nice....

At Jonket Street. Yan look cute in this pix o.O

Nadeje Patisserie - according to food blogs, they only sell one type of cake which is the Mille Crepe originated in Japan. Definitely worth a visit!

Original Mille Crepe ~ Thousand layers pancake. Once you put it into your mouth, each layer of the cake and cream will slowly melts in your mouth. Heaven ~ ! So addictive that Chris bought a whole cake home :D

Cheese Mille Crepe

Strawberry Mille Crepe

Chocolate Mille Crepe

Calpis Soda

Eye on Malaysia @ Melaka

The Best Jumper!

Celup time! :D I forgot the name of the shop... ooppsss....

Various types of 'celup' foods on sticks...

You can't help but to overeat here because they'll keep on fill in the ingredients for you once it's empty or near-empty... grrrr! So, don't declare your "last" stick too early... Haha!

The never-empty serving tray

Bloody fat cockles... si ham! So tempting...

The sinful satay gravy ~ Nyam

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cameron Highland ~ Day 2

Breakfast session was over when we reached The Smokehouse at around 11pm. So instead of breakfast, we had High Tea instead. Adore their cozy English setup surrounded by lush garden that will make you shout “I am home!” and it’s a camwhore paradise!! :D Their foods – taste ok, but not worth the price tag.

Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy

Steamed Milk

Camwhore paradise!!

Heaps of photos taken at their lushious garden!

Right after high tea, we straight away head to Strawberry Moment Dessert Café. You can see the stars blinking in Selina & my eyes when we are looking at the menu because there were simply too many to try! Hmm mm, I want this, this & this… and that.. Ahh, but too bad, we only have limited stomach storage. We ordered about 7-8 dishes in the menu including Strawberry Strudel, Mini Steamboat, Strawberry Juice, Red Evil, Chicken Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce, Chicken Nugget, Chicken Ham Sandwich… There is a souvenir corner in the shop selling all sorts of Cameron’s specialty food products in attractive packaging. Lovely, creative & delicious dessert with affordable price, I will definitely visit Strawberry Moment for a second time!

Strawberry Strudels ~ You will never say no to this..

Mini Steamboat ~ Love its dipping sauce, not too sweet with a hint of bitterness.

Chicken Ham Sandwich & Chicken Spagetthi in Tomato Sauce

Ice Blended Strawberry Juice

^Red Evil^ Super smoooth ~ I like this!

With a full tummy, we check out a few strawberry parks. My advice is; don’t judge a park by its name. Haha! But anyway, we ended up with disappointments – no strawberries left for us to pick! Uhuhuhu…. ~ after a few disappointments, we stopped at Multi Crops market to shop for souvenirs and such.

Precious pots of strawberry

Nice to see, not nice to smell... A picture worth a thousand words... Ewww >.

Pots & pots of blooming flowers...

After that, we dropped by to a bee’s farm and before we knew it, Boh Tea garden was closed! Sobz x 10…. I’m not officially been to Cameron Highland yet :(

As we were heading down the hill, we saw an interesting market and decided to go down to have a look because this will be the last station for us to grab whatever we had left out. We ended up with packs of plastic bags consist of strawberries, strawberry ice cream, corns & preserved guava.

BIG FAT JUICY sweetcorn!! Beware of juice explosion in every bite!
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