Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I had developed a new unexpected hobby recently… guess what??? Haha! It’s cooking….

Well honestly, it’s all because of Chris. Chris had been staying over at my house during weekend recently and I think it’s time for me to brush up my cooking skills while learning new recipes. Takkan everyday eat outside or everyday Mihun Soup and Fried Onion Egg only right … T.T

Also, since we are planning to build our home sweet home soon, it’s essential for me to learn how to be a good 煮饭婆 from now. Time to get smoky, dirty & smelly ….. No lah, not that bad but is that bad… o.O

But I started to enjoy it because of the sense of achievement it brings. It felt so good when I successfully learned a new recipe. And of course some taste yummy and some taste … well, not that yummy. But this is the learning process I must go through. I’ll keep on learning and exploring new recipe =) I will share a few delicious yet simple & easy-to-do recipe with you all soon, especially for beginners like me ^u^ Cheers!


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