Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 8

A Yoga Attempt

By the way, TF does provide a range of yoga classes too under the division of True Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga… you name it! But the most popular is non-other than Hot Yoga. Apparently, it’s the most effective way to lose weight because it’s conducted in a heated room. Imagine this - doing exercise in a sauna room…the results? Sweat, sweat & sweatssss!

I tried it once but I’m out of it since… Love the steamy room but hate the yoga poses. The instructor will be pushing everyone to their limits and that is why you’ll hear tons of eerie screaming during the class. For those who can do it, it’s a new achievement. For those who can’t, it’s bone-breaking! I know, I know, Yoga has hundreds of benefits but it’s simply not my cup of tea :(
Blame it on my ‘hardened’ bones. I’m not ready to break a bone or two yet… ><

Hot Yoga ~

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 7

Dancing All The Way To Fitness!

What’s better than losing weight while having fun? Those strenuous muscle-toning equipments and fitness machines are simply not for me. I tried on them though, but after some time, I surrendered ~

TF (True Fitness) provides an array of dance classes such as Body Step, Body Balance, Body Vive and Dance Mania, to name a few. But up till now, only Body Jam and Funky Line able to keeps me going back for more. Once I tried Body Jam, I’m hooked to it. Being a dance lover myself, Body Jam is what I am looking for. It has a combination of all dances from Latin to Hip Hop, all choreographed with the latest hit songs. This is why they name it “Jam”, baby ~

Body Jam Logo

The instructor is an important factor too. A fun and lively instructor will not only teach you how to dance, he’ll make you enjoy the dance!

My fav Body Jam instructor, Jason (the only male in the pix)
Photo source:

Not long after, TF introduced another dance class - Funky Line. The obsession started innocently enough. On one Friday, due to some reason, Body Jam class have been cancelled and replaced with Funky Line. Feeling annoyed for my Body Jam class being cancelled, I walk into the class with a ‘black face’. I felt even more doubtful when I saw the instructor whom was a fleshy ‘aunty’. Murmuring inside my heart: Gosh, she is the instructor? Sure bo? Sure very sien one la.. like line dancing. Gee..

But all my skeptical thoughts were gone almost immediately after the warm up song. Man, it’s all fun and easy! It has 4 combo steps which will be repeated until the end of the song. Lesser steps but double the fun and double the sweats! This class is essential for those who long for a really good workout. It gave me a good after-workout sensation. Thus, it’s gaining popularity very fast and before you knew it, the class is jam-packed every single time. Moreover, this class is available only once a week.

TF Schedule ~

Anyway, salute to Aunty Ronicia, the Funky Line instructor! She is fun, humorous, energetic and absolutely Funky!

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