Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 5

My True Fitness

Since I moved to Subang, I have spotted this fitness centre at Taipan. One day when I’m wandering around Taipan during lunch time, I suddenly have the urge to enquiry about their membership fees. So I walk into their reception area and in less than 5 minutes later, a consultant approached me. As usual procedure, he asked me some details and questions according to the survey form. After some chit chat, he brought me to look around at their dance studio, fitting room as well as their equipments and facilities. Oh by the way, he is a cute Taiwanese guy who can speak fluent English :D Oh my… much better than mine ok. *paiseh* Alright, the most important question arise - the membership fees!

Me: Ok, cut the crap. The most important question now, how much is the membership fees?

Consultant: (Took out some information sheet and start explaining their “marked up” fees with all sorts of registration fees, etc – which sum up to around RM230++ per month)

Me: *shocked & blur* Huh, but my aunt told me it’s around RM130 per month only. She is one of the True Fitness members.

Consultant: Errmmm, may I have your aunt’s name? Let me check it for you.

After a while…

Consultant: Ohh.. your aunt took our promotion package during Hari Raya last year. Hmm, this way.. I can “do” it for you but you have to sign for 2 years at least.

Me: 2 years?? Can I sign up for 1 year instead? Because……

Consultant: I’m sorry, you’ll need to sign up for 2 years in order to get this promotional package.

Me: (Thinking hard……..)

Consultant: You can pay by installment, etc etc….. What credit card do you have?

Me: (Reluctantly took out my credit card)

And voila!! I owe yet another RM3.3k of debts! Yikes!

I started to lose weight the next second onwards (amazing!) – because thinking of my new sum of debts alone was more than enough to make me sweating allover. = =


  1. haha joey u r funny gal.nyways make full used of their facilities then.."lor fan pun mah" haha..

  2. Yes, i'm indeed a "sam pat" girl :D
    Yeah, will step on their dance floor as hard as i can.. as u said.. to "lor fan pun"! xD


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