Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 4

Let’s be fat & merry, not!

Frankly, being fat for more than 800 days after that, I wasn’t “merry” at all. My rather plump figure brought my self-confident to the lowest point. I had difficulties in buying clothes but at the same time, I had to stock up my wardrobe with lots of new clothes and skirts simply because I can’t fit in into my old clothes already. I need to go for a size 42 (the biggest size) skirt at MNG, Topshop or Zara. And I have to avoid wearing pants or jeans as well due to my big hips. To cover my fleshy arms, I bought a few pieces of cropped jacket (which was quite popular then, luckily~) to go with my sleeveless tops. Sobz, how I hate my bulging tummy, arms and butt! Imagine, a girl in her early 20’s - young, bubbly and (not so) pretty.. But yet, she can’t enjoy all the pretty clothes in the world. Moreover, my biggest obsession is not shoes or handbags or bling blings but clothes.

I can’t forget this particular comment from a lady at a flea market at Singapore… “I think you couldn’t fit into this top one lah..” in an impolite tone. Her comment really hits me hard. At times, honesty is cruel.

Besides, my low self-esteem affected my overall social life too. Not wanting to hear nasty comment, I stay away from all type of gatherings as much as I can. Every time when I get comments like “Eh, you fat already leh…bla..” I will just laugh it off and pretend I don’t mind but deep down inside, I’m frustrated.

Dinner at The Curve - June '05
Attire: MNG cropped jacket
~ Oh my, my hair was so short!

July '05
Attire: Cropped cardigan (bought from some kiosk at 1U)
~ I used to be a fans of Amber Chia.

Christmas '05
Attire: Jacket (bought at Klang Parade)
~ Was one of my favorite jacket backthen.

Carol's Bday Jan '06
Attire: SUB cropped cardigan
~ This cardigan hide up my flabby arm perfectly.

Gathering Nov '06
Attire: PDI cropped jacket
~ Har, I miss u ;(

Christmas '06
Attire: Same as above
~ A pix of me & ME :D

Singapore Trip Dec '06
Attire: Cropped Jeans Jacket.
~ It's actually longer than that. I altered it shorter myself with a dummy method of "draw & cut". This is another jacket which provides perfect coverage for my arms. However, "it" had retired now...


  1. wah ur hair was very short then..but in pics all u dun look fat la my dear..
    to thin oso not nice..

  2. Not fat?? Are u kidding me? Or u are being too kind... ==" Haha!

    Yeah, actually my hair are back to shoulder length now.. but still havent upload any pix of my new hairstyle at FB.. :D

    Thank you for visiting my blog yo ~ ^^


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