Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot Chocolate, Bolster and A Beauty Sleep ~

…..was my lifesaver during those days of the month.

In fact, I need to make my brain to release lots endorphins to relieve my menstrual cramps. The pain is more bearable nowadays compare to last time since I have started my workout regime. But still…. I need my chocolate-y drinks and bolster - my lifesaver. However, the best of all remedies so far is… sleeps. On those days, all a girl wanted to do besides binging on chocolates or punching her pillow is a good sleep because we tends to feel tired and sluggish.

I do envy those girls who doesn’t experience any pain during their menstruation. I had done everything I could to improve the situation like exercising, avoid cold drinks and foods. Yes, the pain is lesser now but to not have any pain at all seems like something impossible for me. I have accepted this fact years ago, so all I can do is live with it. I shall be grateful though because many women even have to depend on strong painkillers to ease the pain. Painkillers works wonder but it’s a no-no for me. I don’t want to be reliant on it as I believe it will somehow bring harm to my health in the long run.
So…. gimme ma Coffee Bean’s Hot Chocolate now!! RAWRrr.....

* Post written on 19th July 08

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