Thursday, July 31, 2008

Believe me, it's exercise! < Benefits of Exercise >

Is that something very unbelievable anyway? Exercise really does help to shed those extra kilos and inches away. In fact, exercise is a very important element in life. Many researches show that exercise will also:-

1. Strengthens your heart and lungs – exercise helps our cardiovascular system - the circulation of blood through heart and blood vessel, to work more efficiently.

2. Improves your mood – because exercise stimulates various brain chemicals, which may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.

3. Promotes better sleeps – the natural dip in body temperature five to six hours after exercise might help you to fall asleep faster.
Hey, I can confirm this! I doze off more easily after workout.

4. Adds sparkle and radiance to complexion – the rising of heart rate will draws blood to the surface of the body taking nutrition to the skin cells and get rid of the toxins.

5. Alleviate menstrual cramps – vigorous exercise helps our body to release endorphins that help counteract the cramp-producing chemicals that are part of the menstrual cycle.
My menstrual cramps are more bearable nowadays. It used to be a source of monthly dread.

These are just a fewwwww benefits from exercise. There are too many to be listed here.

And I heard you saying…
“Oh… you see, I’m simply too exhausted to exercise afterwork” and
“Excuse me, I don’t even have time to go pangsai, let alone exercise!”

Haha! A bit too drama…

I truly undertand because I used give the same reason too. But for the sake of a healthier body and a better looking body figure, it’s all worth it. It’s fun anyway! I’m not talking about strenuous weight-lifting or back-aching sit-ups... I’m talking about fun dance classes.
Especially for those like me who enjoyed dancing, it’s almost an effortless way to exercise. Just follow the steps and rhythm and you’ll be dancing all the way to fitness!


P/s: I must also say that I am lucky enough to have a Fitness Centre nearby and a 9 to 6 job – where time and location suit my conveniences.

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