Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Believe me, it's exercise! < No Diet pills! >

Since after I had slimmed down, I did receive some comment like
“You took diet pills arr?” or
“You have lost weight drastically since after you joined your current company (which is a slimming centre), you took their slimming program arr?” with a skeptical tone.

The first or second time I’ll answer delightfully with a tinge of pride “Nolah, I went to gym twice a week to join their dance classes and I watch my diet.. reduce rice intake, eat more veggies...bla bla bla”

But when the third or fourth time came around… I started to answer tediously like “Noooooooo ~ I really didn’t consume diet pills and I didn’t do any slimming treatment, I just exercise and watch what I eat” with an innocent expression on my face. This enough to shows that there are many people out there who don’t believe in the benefits of exercise... or they might be just too lazy to do even believe it? Well well...

During the fifth, sixth.....tenth time, I think I should answer this way “Oh yalah, I took Slim10 diet pills ma..very efficient wei, 10 days can lose 10kgs. You see me you know lah”

Happy now? -_-


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