Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 2

Walk the Walk
Not too long after I graduated from college, I got a job nearby my house within walking distance. In the beginning, I carpool to work with my colleague who happens to stay nearby my house. However after she resigned, I have to travel all the way to work by Bus No. 11, which was… both of my legs. Funny…no? This was what they used to describe my “transportation” back then. Morning – I walk to work, Offwork – I walk back home; which sum up to around 30-40 minutes of workout everyday, ultimately. Without even I realize it, I’ve lost weigh! Later on, I even joined a swimming class once a week and guess what? I wore a bikini… and it looks good on me (this is wholly my own opinion la.. Ha!). I even wore a bikini to my Lang Tengah trip.

2004: Slim ~

2004: Slim ~~

The Beginning of My Fat Phase
Recommended by a close friend, I joined Taiko Marketing. They offer a real good deal for their staffs. Beside standard benefits like annual leave, medical leave, Epf and Socso, they also provide OT claim, Free lunch and 5 days week. Who can resist a 5 days week and free lunch?? And yes…. Free lunch cheerfully announces the beginning of my fat phase.
Every morning, each staff has to sign the attendance book and pre-order our lunch at the same time. We have many varieties to choose – from Vegetarian, Chicken, Fish or Curry rice to Wan Tan Mee, Noodles soup and Fried Rice. On special days, we can even order specialties like Kampar Chee Cheong Fun. Doesn’t fancy a heavy lunch on a certain day? Ahh, no problem, you can order a box of fruits. How nice! At times when there is any Salesmen went out for appointment during lunch time, we’ll grab his lunchbox and make it as our additional dishes. Like we Chinese always say in Cantonese “Mou sai ma….” (Do not waste…) Besides, we like to binge on those never-ending-supplies of snacks.

How I miss those days….. except for the fact that I’m fat after that -__-

2005: Fat!!!!

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