Monday, May 12, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 1

Not a born-to-be slim girl
This was actually my first attempt to write a somewhat, proper blog. But then, am I qualified to write a slimming diary? Definitely, Yes!! I’ve gone through all fat and slim moment since teenage years. I’m not a born-to-be-slim girl. As far as I could remember, my first attempt to diet was when I’m merely a teenager. I still can remember how I continuously press the fried foods with kitchen paper towel just to extract the extra oil out. Aerobic dance video tape was my workout instructor once or twice a week. I make myself hate snacking. Sweets, Ice cream, Potato chips – all junkies are not allowed. With all these rather strict rules, I manage to keep a slim figure for my remaining teenage years.

Working as a promoter at Vincci in Sunway Pyramid was my first job after SPM. Since it’s located inside a shopping mall, foods and snacks are accessible all day round. Nasi Lemak was another ‘killer’ as it’s the cheapest option of foods available inside the mall. Nasi Lemak is delicious, affordable and available everywhere, so why not? Except the fact that it’s fattening, Nasi Lemak is almost perfect. I can’t remember exactly when I’ve break my diet rules of No-Snacking. It must be one of my strategies to draw closer with other promoters there. Let’s not forget that food is one of the simplest yet powerful communication tools. Popping one biscuit after another into the mouth, oopsss, I’ve gained some weight. I went from a “stick girl” to “chubby”.

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