Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Uhuhu @ Pavilion

Stumbled upon Uhuhu when we are walking out from The Loaf. Uhuhu?? Sounds like coughing… “Uhuk.. Uhuk…” :D
Don’t be fooled, this is non-other than the legendary cheese cake (more to giant cupcakes to me) that get many good reviews from food bloggers.

On one sunny afternoon, we decided to explore the sweet young thingy (young??). At first we choose 2-3 flavours of the cheese cakes, but the shop assistant told us that if we buy 5, we’ll get one free and a lovely box as well. We selected Stylo Milo, Glitzy Strawberries, Harmonious Green Tea, Durian Obsession, Lustrous Coffee and Luxurious Chocolate. Each of them tastes nice. I especially like the fluffiness of the cheese cake. If I have to pick a favourite among the six flavours, it will be….. Lustrous Coffee. I simply like the bitter taste of the coffee powder on top of it. I advice you not to chew on the coffee bean because it’s hard and taste rather bitter >.<

Beside that, their box is nicely designed and printed too. What’s more? It’s pink…! *adore*
Starting to appreciate the box more than the cheese cake :P I have the urge to bring the box home… but thinking of the box will eventually end up as yet another dust collector in my room, I reluctantly left it there.

End up; I’m too full to finish all the cheese cakes. Except for Chris who have to force all the remaining cheese cakes into stomach till the last bits o_O
Burp..! Gee…no more cheese cakes for at least 1 month…..

The lOvely bOx ~ *Bring Me Home*

Left: Stylo Milo, Glitzy Strawberries, Harmonious Green Tea
Right: Durian Obsession, Lustrous Coffee, Luxurious Chocolate

My Favourite ~ Lustrous Coffee

Glitzy Strawberries ~ Sweet, Sour & Tangy

Stylo Milo ~ Not very "milo", taste bland..

Can't bring it home ma take pictures lo... >.

P/s: Chris's favourite is Durian Obsession.. Durian-freak!

Let's say Cheese (^u^)V !!

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