Monday, May 12, 2008

To Sweetest 'Si Lai' Elsphy ~

Dear sweetie Phy phy,

It’s my 5th month here in Bizzy Body.. Honestly, all this while, I’m a typical Job-hopper ~ hopping from one workplace to another. I thought I’ve finally found a workplace which I can work longer (say 1-2 years? already considered as long for me). But then why you all are leaving one by one, so fast? =.=
Like I said yesterday, maybe the ‘feng shui’ here is very good that everyone who works here will eventually become a ‘si tao po’ soon or later. So I might consider to sit here longer till I become another successful ‘si tao po’ or ‘siu nai nai’! Hahah!!
Ok, cut the crap. Seriously, I will take Wey Wei advice into consideration. I will try my best to handle and deal with Ms. Ma, and try to learn as much as I can from her (till I ‘beh tahan’) before I hop to another place again.
Message for Elsphy: You are the sweetest ‘si lai’ I’ve ever met. Imagine, you are only 27 years old but already have two sons. It’s not an easy task for sure to handle two sons, one hubby and a career all at the same time and still able to keep a smiley face. Bravo! In fact, for all the mummy here, Wey Wei and May, Bravo!!
Last but not least, good luck in your future undertakings! We’ll be missing you ~ *huggies*
Joey ^^

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