Monday, May 12, 2008

To Office-Mama, May ~

May, you are my office-mama. In fact, you are a mama to all of us here. We’ll ask for your consultation about anything, yes, anything at all. Regardless it’s about banking, property, business, baby food, stomach pain … You are the person we'll head for consultation… SO, PLEASE DON’T CHARGE US CONSULTATION FEE!! Please….. Else the bill will be very ‘gao gao’ o_O

Ok now, the emotional part..
May, I never thought you’ll leave so soon. Though we still can keep in touch after this, but it sure won’t be the same anymore. We can’t work together everyday. Can’t share jokes, laughter, gossips and problems instantly, like now.
So far in my career life, I’ve worked with many superior before. But so far, you are my favourite of all because you are those superior who I can share my problems with and also understanding and humorous. Thanks for all the guidance and advice you gave me in work, as well as personal matter. I’ll be missing you ….. :)

Thanks for your wishes.. I hope I’ll get a job in USJ soon… *praying hard* =.=


1 comment:

  1. I have these massage, very thanks your so take care of me.
    from mayling


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