Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sushi Zanmai

Been to both Sushi Zanmai at The Garden and Sunway Pyramid. The first one we went to was Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid. I was reluctant at first because at that time, our camera was sent to repair. I’m even more regret after I look into their menu and their sushi on the conveyor belt. Everything not only look perfect but taste almost perfect too! And what the heck, I can’t take any photos of those. *kik*
It was such a waste as we order quite a lot of sushi and others ala-carte item on their menu that day. Grilled Cod Fish, Fried Oyster, Dragon Roll, Salmon Ball with Colourful Fish Roe…..
I also have to give credit to their food presentation - where art meets food. Okla, I’m a bit ‘kua cheong’… but if compared with others commercialized Japanese-fast-food restaurant, they really did an amazing job. I hope they will keep their high standard to keep people coming back for more.

Wait, did I mention that their price was affordable too? Haha..

Due to my non-stop moaning, Chris brought me to Sushi Zanmai at The Garden right after I got my camera back which was the next day after we went to Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid. Tee hee hee… But to my disappointment, they have less selections of sushi on the conveyor belt. Maybe because it’s a weekday.. We didn’t order much ala-carte item too as we don’t have a big appetite that day. So…. Here is what we ate at Sushi Zanmai, The Garden ^ ^

Shredded Egg & Fish Roe Inari

Don't be cheated by this innocent-looking sushi, the taste is simply seducing ~~~

The "real" Crabstick Sushi ~ Taste much better than those commercial (fake) crabstick

Chuka Chinmi - Seasoned Scallops

I can't remember the taste of this sushi :P

I name it the "Hangus" Inari :P

Dragon Roll ~~~ Golden crispy prawn perfectly roll with gluey rice and avocado slice- A must try! -

OiShii ~ !!


  1. i want the grilled egg with mayo sushi T_T

  2. Lol.... That is my favourite!! Faster go grab some friends to go with u... Sushi Zanmai II post will be coming soon... :P


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