Monday, May 26, 2008

Missing May ~

On Saturday:

Reluctant to get out of bed. The rhythm of “朋友一生一起走, 那些日子不再有, 一句話 一輩子, 一生情 一杯酒, 朋友不曾孤單過, 一聲朋友你會懂, 還有傷 還有痛, 還要走 還有我.....” was still playing in my mind. I miss May..
I’m even sadder thinking of I’m going to leave this lovely company very soon as well.
Why they have to shift the HQ to Bandar Puteri?
Why May have to leave so soon?
I could have work here much longer..
I love this company,
I love the colleagues,
I love the environment,
and last but not least, I love the laughter..
This company is almost perfect for me, but things aren’t the same anymore. Call me pessimistic… or whatever..


  1. life has to move on yar..what to do? perhaps u'll find another good company =) cheer up!

  2. Hey Sze Chea, thanks for dropping by... ^^

    I did read your blog too...

    Yea, you are right.. Just mumbling ~ Anyway, hope the new company that I'm joining is good..


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