Friday, May 30, 2008

A Golden Opportunity – Cracked, literally < I >

Chris finally turned down the golden opportunity - an opportunity that will not always come by or might never come again. Moreover, it used to be one of my BIG dreams to become an ----- Aussie Baby. I never expect it will come so near to us, it’s within our reach. Just a “Yes” reply to that company, Chris will be flying to Aussie for half a year. And if everything sails smoothly, I will be flying there one month later. I thought I will be very excited if Chris receives a positive response from the company but…. no, not at all. Yes, I’m excited but just for a moment. Thinking of Chris has to be there alone for the first month, my heart drops. Maybe my emotion was affected by Chris too. Imagine, a person who never leave home and stay alone before.. it really does require a lot of courage to step out from the comfort zone. Chris was somewhat skeptical about the working life in Australia. In fact, both of us have been dilemma since the appointment letter was received. To go or not to go? It’s a tough decision to make. Chris even listed down the pros and cons.

Pros: Better exposure, good career advancement, fatter paycheck, can go travel around Australia, no need to be a ‘Katak di bawah tempurung’ :D

Cons: Homesick, not much friends, high cost of house rental, no mum’s home cooked dinner.

See, the cons is more to the emotional side. After all, it’s not only about the paycheck; it’s also about not be able to be with loved ones.

As for me, applying a longer period of visa is quite a hassle as I neither have a good-looking employment history nor a fat balance in my bank account. Nonetheless, I can opt for the hassle-free Visitor ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) which can be applied and approved through their website. The conditions are: I have to come back to Malaysia every 3 months and I must not work while I’m in Australia within 12 months of visa validity. As long as we can afford the air tickets, it’s not a big issue.


  1. hm..going to Aus is my dream too! At first everything seems promising, then we didnt get the job offer, how sad.

    And that, my dreams were broken!

    If you all have the chance, do appreciate the offer. Think about the weather, education, lifestlye, employee benefit, people manners, and many more other things.

    I have friends who were already there, they dont want to come back to Msia anymore.

    Proves to show, the place is good enough!

  2. You and your hubby should keep on trying. I’m sure both of you can make it! Don’t let one negative response stop you ! :)

    Sadly, Chris rejected the offer already.. Oh well….. *sigh*


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