Friday, May 30, 2008

A Golden Opportunity – Cracked, literally < I >

Chris finally turned down the golden opportunity - an opportunity that will not always come by or might never come again. Moreover, it used to be one of my BIG dreams to become an ----- Aussie Baby. I never expect it will come so near to us, it’s within our reach. Just a “Yes” reply to that company, Chris will be flying to Aussie for half a year. And if everything sails smoothly, I will be flying there one month later. I thought I will be very excited if Chris receives a positive response from the company but…. no, not at all. Yes, I’m excited but just for a moment. Thinking of Chris has to be there alone for the first month, my heart drops. Maybe my emotion was affected by Chris too. Imagine, a person who never leave home and stay alone before.. it really does require a lot of courage to step out from the comfort zone. Chris was somewhat skeptical about the working life in Australia. In fact, both of us have been dilemma since the appointment letter was received. To go or not to go? It’s a tough decision to make. Chris even listed down the pros and cons.

Pros: Better exposure, good career advancement, fatter paycheck, can go travel around Australia, no need to be a ‘Katak di bawah tempurung’ :D

Cons: Homesick, not much friends, high cost of house rental, no mum’s home cooked dinner.

See, the cons is more to the emotional side. After all, it’s not only about the paycheck; it’s also about not be able to be with loved ones.

As for me, applying a longer period of visa is quite a hassle as I neither have a good-looking employment history nor a fat balance in my bank account. Nonetheless, I can opt for the hassle-free Visitor ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) which can be applied and approved through their website. The conditions are: I have to come back to Malaysia every 3 months and I must not work while I’m in Australia within 12 months of visa validity. As long as we can afford the air tickets, it’s not a big issue.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 2

Walk the Walk
Not too long after I graduated from college, I got a job nearby my house within walking distance. In the beginning, I carpool to work with my colleague who happens to stay nearby my house. However after she resigned, I have to travel all the way to work by Bus No. 11, which was… both of my legs. Funny…no? This was what they used to describe my “transportation” back then. Morning – I walk to work, Offwork – I walk back home; which sum up to around 30-40 minutes of workout everyday, ultimately. Without even I realize it, I’ve lost weigh! Later on, I even joined a swimming class once a week and guess what? I wore a bikini… and it looks good on me (this is wholly my own opinion la.. Ha!). I even wore a bikini to my Lang Tengah trip.

2004: Slim ~

2004: Slim ~~

The Beginning of My Fat Phase
Recommended by a close friend, I joined Taiko Marketing. They offer a real good deal for their staffs. Beside standard benefits like annual leave, medical leave, Epf and Socso, they also provide OT claim, Free lunch and 5 days week. Who can resist a 5 days week and free lunch?? And yes…. Free lunch cheerfully announces the beginning of my fat phase.
Every morning, each staff has to sign the attendance book and pre-order our lunch at the same time. We have many varieties to choose – from Vegetarian, Chicken, Fish or Curry rice to Wan Tan Mee, Noodles soup and Fried Rice. On special days, we can even order specialties like Kampar Chee Cheong Fun. Doesn’t fancy a heavy lunch on a certain day? Ahh, no problem, you can order a box of fruits. How nice! At times when there is any Salesmen went out for appointment during lunch time, we’ll grab his lunchbox and make it as our additional dishes. Like we Chinese always say in Cantonese “Mou sai ma….” (Do not waste…) Besides, we like to binge on those never-ending-supplies of snacks.

How I miss those days….. except for the fact that I’m fat after that -__-

2005: Fat!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Uhuhu @ Pavilion

Stumbled upon Uhuhu when we are walking out from The Loaf. Uhuhu?? Sounds like coughing… “Uhuk.. Uhuk…” :D
Don’t be fooled, this is non-other than the legendary cheese cake (more to giant cupcakes to me) that get many good reviews from food bloggers.

On one sunny afternoon, we decided to explore the sweet young thingy (young??). At first we choose 2-3 flavours of the cheese cakes, but the shop assistant told us that if we buy 5, we’ll get one free and a lovely box as well. We selected Stylo Milo, Glitzy Strawberries, Harmonious Green Tea, Durian Obsession, Lustrous Coffee and Luxurious Chocolate. Each of them tastes nice. I especially like the fluffiness of the cheese cake. If I have to pick a favourite among the six flavours, it will be….. Lustrous Coffee. I simply like the bitter taste of the coffee powder on top of it. I advice you not to chew on the coffee bean because it’s hard and taste rather bitter >.<

Beside that, their box is nicely designed and printed too. What’s more? It’s pink…! *adore*
Starting to appreciate the box more than the cheese cake :P I have the urge to bring the box home… but thinking of the box will eventually end up as yet another dust collector in my room, I reluctantly left it there.

End up; I’m too full to finish all the cheese cakes. Except for Chris who have to force all the remaining cheese cakes into stomach till the last bits o_O
Burp..! Gee…no more cheese cakes for at least 1 month…..

The lOvely bOx ~ *Bring Me Home*

Left: Stylo Milo, Glitzy Strawberries, Harmonious Green Tea
Right: Durian Obsession, Lustrous Coffee, Luxurious Chocolate

My Favourite ~ Lustrous Coffee

Glitzy Strawberries ~ Sweet, Sour & Tangy

Stylo Milo ~ Not very "milo", taste bland..

Can't bring it home ma take pictures lo... >.

P/s: Chris's favourite is Durian Obsession.. Durian-freak!

Let's say Cheese (^u^)V !!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Missing May ~

On Saturday:

Reluctant to get out of bed. The rhythm of “朋友一生一起走, 那些日子不再有, 一句話 一輩子, 一生情 一杯酒, 朋友不曾孤單過, 一聲朋友你會懂, 還有傷 還有痛, 還要走 還有我.....” was still playing in my mind. I miss May..
I’m even sadder thinking of I’m going to leave this lovely company very soon as well.
Why they have to shift the HQ to Bandar Puteri?
Why May have to leave so soon?
I could have work here much longer..
I love this company,
I love the colleagues,
I love the environment,
and last but not least, I love the laughter..
This company is almost perfect for me, but things aren’t the same anymore. Call me pessimistic… or whatever..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sushi Zanmai

Been to both Sushi Zanmai at The Garden and Sunway Pyramid. The first one we went to was Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid. I was reluctant at first because at that time, our camera was sent to repair. I’m even more regret after I look into their menu and their sushi on the conveyor belt. Everything not only look perfect but taste almost perfect too! And what the heck, I can’t take any photos of those. *kik*
It was such a waste as we order quite a lot of sushi and others ala-carte item on their menu that day. Grilled Cod Fish, Fried Oyster, Dragon Roll, Salmon Ball with Colourful Fish Roe…..
I also have to give credit to their food presentation - where art meets food. Okla, I’m a bit ‘kua cheong’… but if compared with others commercialized Japanese-fast-food restaurant, they really did an amazing job. I hope they will keep their high standard to keep people coming back for more.

Wait, did I mention that their price was affordable too? Haha..

Due to my non-stop moaning, Chris brought me to Sushi Zanmai at The Garden right after I got my camera back which was the next day after we went to Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid. Tee hee hee… But to my disappointment, they have less selections of sushi on the conveyor belt. Maybe because it’s a weekday.. We didn’t order much ala-carte item too as we don’t have a big appetite that day. So…. Here is what we ate at Sushi Zanmai, The Garden ^ ^

Shredded Egg & Fish Roe Inari

Don't be cheated by this innocent-looking sushi, the taste is simply seducing ~~~

The "real" Crabstick Sushi ~ Taste much better than those commercial (fake) crabstick

Chuka Chinmi - Seasoned Scallops

I can't remember the taste of this sushi :P

I name it the "Hangus" Inari :P

Dragon Roll ~~~ Golden crispy prawn perfectly roll with gluey rice and avocado slice- A must try! -

OiShii ~ !!

Monday, May 12, 2008

To Office-Mama, May ~

May, you are my office-mama. In fact, you are a mama to all of us here. We’ll ask for your consultation about anything, yes, anything at all. Regardless it’s about banking, property, business, baby food, stomach pain … You are the person we'll head for consultation… SO, PLEASE DON’T CHARGE US CONSULTATION FEE!! Please….. Else the bill will be very ‘gao gao’ o_O

Ok now, the emotional part..
May, I never thought you’ll leave so soon. Though we still can keep in touch after this, but it sure won’t be the same anymore. We can’t work together everyday. Can’t share jokes, laughter, gossips and problems instantly, like now.
So far in my career life, I’ve worked with many superior before. But so far, you are my favourite of all because you are those superior who I can share my problems with and also understanding and humorous. Thanks for all the guidance and advice you gave me in work, as well as personal matter. I’ll be missing you ….. :)

Thanks for your wishes.. I hope I’ll get a job in USJ soon… *praying hard* =.=


Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 1

Not a born-to-be slim girl
This was actually my first attempt to write a somewhat, proper blog. But then, am I qualified to write a slimming diary? Definitely, Yes!! I’ve gone through all fat and slim moment since teenage years. I’m not a born-to-be-slim girl. As far as I could remember, my first attempt to diet was when I’m merely a teenager. I still can remember how I continuously press the fried foods with kitchen paper towel just to extract the extra oil out. Aerobic dance video tape was my workout instructor once or twice a week. I make myself hate snacking. Sweets, Ice cream, Potato chips – all junkies are not allowed. With all these rather strict rules, I manage to keep a slim figure for my remaining teenage years.

Working as a promoter at Vincci in Sunway Pyramid was my first job after SPM. Since it’s located inside a shopping mall, foods and snacks are accessible all day round. Nasi Lemak was another ‘killer’ as it’s the cheapest option of foods available inside the mall. Nasi Lemak is delicious, affordable and available everywhere, so why not? Except the fact that it’s fattening, Nasi Lemak is almost perfect. I can’t remember exactly when I’ve break my diet rules of No-Snacking. It must be one of my strategies to draw closer with other promoters there. Let’s not forget that food is one of the simplest yet powerful communication tools. Popping one biscuit after another into the mouth, oopsss, I’ve gained some weight. I went from a “stick girl” to “chubby”.


I’m sure everyone on earth know how to spell the word A.P.P.R.E.C.I.A.T.E. But how many people truly understand the meaning of this word?? Sad but true, not many really. We are lucky to be born in a happy family ~ caring parent, sufficient foods on the table and a shelter. Eventually, we took granted of what we have.

Though I’m not born in a wealthy family, I used to be a spoiled brat too. Blame it on my lovely mum. She does everything for us and I took it for granted. I’ll show my “black face” everytime she asked me to sweep the floor. I’ll either do it together with a “black face” or not doing at all! I’ll grumble if she doesn’t wash my school uniform on time. What a bad girl I am ~

This spoiled girl received a wake up call when her mum fall ill for the second time in her life and couldn’t handle heavy house chores. Washing all her own clothes with bare hand was her first ‘assignment’. Though she did wash the dirty dishes after meal all the while but washing clothes?? It was not something she familiar with. She was not lucky because at that time, the old washing machine was not working and her family couldn’t afford a new one. One task followed by another… Slowly, she understood the meaning behind all the effort her mum used to spend on house chores.

Being half the maid in the house now, I must say it’s tough, it’s tiring…. who on earth likes doing house chores anyway? But does that mean we, as our parent child, take it for granted? It’s nice having them doing the chores for us, but the least we can do is, help around. Not just sitting there and watch tv after the meal or left the dirty dishes overnight until your pity mum or dad wash it. Oh my ~ that’s just too much! Unless you can afford to hire a maid, then it’s another story. If that’s how you “appreciate” your parent, I feel so sad for you.

My mum will not be around anymore, I miss her. Circuitously, she taught me a lesson. I’ve learned to be responsible for my own duty around the house. Most importantly, it’s all about appreciating what we have now and not take it for granted. I'm certainly not perfect, I'm still learning.....

Quote of the day: If you want a longer life, don't live in the same roof with lazy people.

To Sweetest 'Si Lai' Elsphy ~

Dear sweetie Phy phy,

It’s my 5th month here in Bizzy Body.. Honestly, all this while, I’m a typical Job-hopper ~ hopping from one workplace to another. I thought I’ve finally found a workplace which I can work longer (say 1-2 years? already considered as long for me). But then why you all are leaving one by one, so fast? =.=
Like I said yesterday, maybe the ‘feng shui’ here is very good that everyone who works here will eventually become a ‘si tao po’ soon or later. So I might consider to sit here longer till I become another successful ‘si tao po’ or ‘siu nai nai’! Hahah!!
Ok, cut the crap. Seriously, I will take Wey Wei advice into consideration. I will try my best to handle and deal with Ms. Ma, and try to learn as much as I can from her (till I ‘beh tahan’) before I hop to another place again.
Message for Elsphy: You are the sweetest ‘si lai’ I’ve ever met. Imagine, you are only 27 years old but already have two sons. It’s not an easy task for sure to handle two sons, one hubby and a career all at the same time and still able to keep a smiley face. Bravo! In fact, for all the mummy here, Wey Wei and May, Bravo!!
Last but not least, good luck in your future undertakings! We’ll be missing you ~ *huggies*
Joey ^^
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