Friday, December 19, 2008

Free-style Fried Rice

Fried rice is quick and easy to cook as you can mix it with anything you desire. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Fried rice is best if cook with leftover rice but I can’t do so because Chris would prefer freshly cooked rice.

Ham / Bacon (diced)
Fish Ball (diced)
Long Bean (diced)
Red Pepper (thinly sliced)
Mixed Vegetables (Peas, Corn and Carrot)
Onion (sliced)
Garlic (minced)
Spring Onion (minced)
Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Beat the eggs and add a pinch of salt and pepper.
2. Heat oil the wok. Stir-fry garlic and onion till fragrant. Followed by ham, fish ball, long bean, red pepper and mixed vegetables, stir-fry briefly. Dish out the ingredients and set aside.
3. Heat some oil in the wok again. Slowly pour in egg while stirring and scramble it.
4. Add in rice and stir-fry evenly with the eggs.
5. Add ham, fish ball, long bean, red pepper and mixed vegetables back into the wok and stir-fry evenly with rice.
6. Add in spring onion, salt and pepper and stir-fry evenly. Sprinkle on some freshly grounded black pepper and serve.

Personal preference # Eat it together with pappadam & cucumber.

Joey's Fried Rice

Happy Cooking ^~^

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I had developed a new unexpected hobby recently… guess what??? Haha! It’s cooking….

Well honestly, it’s all because of Chris. Chris had been staying over at my house during weekend recently and I think it’s time for me to brush up my cooking skills while learning new recipes. Takkan everyday eat outside or everyday Mihun Soup and Fried Onion Egg only right … T.T

Also, since we are planning to build our home sweet home soon, it’s essential for me to learn how to be a good 煮饭婆 from now. Time to get smoky, dirty & smelly ….. No lah, not that bad but is that bad… o.O

But I started to enjoy it because of the sense of achievement it brings. It felt so good when I successfully learned a new recipe. And of course some taste yummy and some taste … well, not that yummy. But this is the learning process I must go through. I’ll keep on learning and exploring new recipe =) I will share a few delicious yet simple & easy-to-do recipe with you all soon, especially for beginners like me ^u^ Cheers!

Friday, December 05, 2008


总算顺顺利利的来到了这个世界上。 其实也不算是很顺利。。我的大嫂痛了一整天, 到最后还是必需要进行手术。医生还很不小心轻轻的割伤了 Baby Keeve 左边的脸颊. 搞到他一出世就有了一个很“型”的小疤痕。还好现在这疤痕已慢慢变浅了。 真险。。!

新鲜出炉的小Keeve。他的小嘴巴很象我哥 (和我的 :P)
脸贴着可爱又可怜的 mini plaster ~

一直都认为每一个来到这世界上的人, 都是要受苦的。每个人都必需历经了生老病死这个循环,所以对小生命的诞生也不知该开心或担心, 又其是在这个越来越混乱的世界上。
但讲到底,我也只是一个很平凡的凡人。当我听到了我大嫂怀孕的消息,不禁地,会很期待他的来临。。 因为我们的家啊。。 以经很久没听到小 baby 的声音了。别忘了,我是个超喜欢小 baby 的人。

上个星期 他和大嫂出医院了。全家人都很迫不及待的要去看他 但是大嫂的娘家很远 所以没办法整家人一起去。到了大嫂家 Bb Keeve 在昏昏大睡著。阿姨和表妹很残忍的大叫他的名,包他,弄他,逗他笑。。。。足足一小时,他却眼睛都不舍得开起来。只是偶尔开个两三秒应酬一下我们...

天啊!哪来这么爱睡的小孩。一般的小孩,听到这么吵吵闹闹的声音,一定会醒来。他的确是我哥的“优良产品”。。。Sleepy Head! 但其实这样的小孩会比较容易照顾 因为他不容易被吵醒。

他的每一个小动作都会让我们认不住的喊 “很可爱喔。。” 小baby 就是有这样的魅力 :D



抱著暖暖的小生命在怀里 ^.^


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 8

A Yoga Attempt

By the way, TF does provide a range of yoga classes too under the division of True Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga… you name it! But the most popular is non-other than Hot Yoga. Apparently, it’s the most effective way to lose weight because it’s conducted in a heated room. Imagine this - doing exercise in a sauna room…the results? Sweat, sweat & sweatssss!

I tried it once but I’m out of it since… Love the steamy room but hate the yoga poses. The instructor will be pushing everyone to their limits and that is why you’ll hear tons of eerie screaming during the class. For those who can do it, it’s a new achievement. For those who can’t, it’s bone-breaking! I know, I know, Yoga has hundreds of benefits but it’s simply not my cup of tea :(
Blame it on my ‘hardened’ bones. I’m not ready to break a bone or two yet… ><

Hot Yoga ~

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 7

Dancing All The Way To Fitness!

What’s better than losing weight while having fun? Those strenuous muscle-toning equipments and fitness machines are simply not for me. I tried on them though, but after some time, I surrendered ~

TF (True Fitness) provides an array of dance classes such as Body Step, Body Balance, Body Vive and Dance Mania, to name a few. But up till now, only Body Jam and Funky Line able to keeps me going back for more. Once I tried Body Jam, I’m hooked to it. Being a dance lover myself, Body Jam is what I am looking for. It has a combination of all dances from Latin to Hip Hop, all choreographed with the latest hit songs. This is why they name it “Jam”, baby ~

Body Jam Logo

The instructor is an important factor too. A fun and lively instructor will not only teach you how to dance, he’ll make you enjoy the dance!

My fav Body Jam instructor, Jason (the only male in the pix)
Photo source:

Not long after, TF introduced another dance class - Funky Line. The obsession started innocently enough. On one Friday, due to some reason, Body Jam class have been cancelled and replaced with Funky Line. Feeling annoyed for my Body Jam class being cancelled, I walk into the class with a ‘black face’. I felt even more doubtful when I saw the instructor whom was a fleshy ‘aunty’. Murmuring inside my heart: Gosh, she is the instructor? Sure bo? Sure very sien one la.. like line dancing. Gee..

But all my skeptical thoughts were gone almost immediately after the warm up song. Man, it’s all fun and easy! It has 4 combo steps which will be repeated until the end of the song. Lesser steps but double the fun and double the sweats! This class is essential for those who long for a really good workout. It gave me a good after-workout sensation. Thus, it’s gaining popularity very fast and before you knew it, the class is jam-packed every single time. Moreover, this class is available only once a week.

TF Schedule ~

Anyway, salute to Aunty Ronicia, the Funky Line instructor! She is fun, humorous, energetic and absolutely Funky!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 6

Determination + Self-Discipline

There were friends who are pretty sure that I’ll give up within a few months because they, themselves are one of those who had given up! I did doubt about myself too on whether I can stick with my planning of going 2-3 times a week. But I vowed to myself that I must not give up halfway because I have paid for it!! Rawr….. Can’t put my hard-earned money to waste.

Determination and self-discipline plays a very important role to keep myself in track. After all, going to gym after work is quite tiring sometimes. There are times when my brain will send a signal to tell me that “Dear, you are tired, let’s go home and sleep” but what I’ll do is… ignore it, stuff my feet into the sports shoe and walk into the dance studio (yawning). Because I believe that once I succumb to my laziness, I will skip classes over and over again and eventually give up just like many other people did. Till today, I managed to stick to my schedule of going to gym 2 times a week.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 5

My True Fitness

Since I moved to Subang, I have spotted this fitness centre at Taipan. One day when I’m wandering around Taipan during lunch time, I suddenly have the urge to enquiry about their membership fees. So I walk into their reception area and in less than 5 minutes later, a consultant approached me. As usual procedure, he asked me some details and questions according to the survey form. After some chit chat, he brought me to look around at their dance studio, fitting room as well as their equipments and facilities. Oh by the way, he is a cute Taiwanese guy who can speak fluent English :D Oh my… much better than mine ok. *paiseh* Alright, the most important question arise - the membership fees!

Me: Ok, cut the crap. The most important question now, how much is the membership fees?

Consultant: (Took out some information sheet and start explaining their “marked up” fees with all sorts of registration fees, etc – which sum up to around RM230++ per month)

Me: *shocked & blur* Huh, but my aunt told me it’s around RM130 per month only. She is one of the True Fitness members.

Consultant: Errmmm, may I have your aunt’s name? Let me check it for you.

After a while…

Consultant: Ohh.. your aunt took our promotion package during Hari Raya last year. Hmm, this way.. I can “do” it for you but you have to sign for 2 years at least.

Me: 2 years?? Can I sign up for 1 year instead? Because……

Consultant: I’m sorry, you’ll need to sign up for 2 years in order to get this promotional package.

Me: (Thinking hard……..)

Consultant: You can pay by installment, etc etc….. What credit card do you have?

Me: (Reluctantly took out my credit card)

And voila!! I owe yet another RM3.3k of debts! Yikes!

I started to lose weight the next second onwards (amazing!) – because thinking of my new sum of debts alone was more than enough to make me sweating allover. = =

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 4

Let’s be fat & merry, not!

Frankly, being fat for more than 800 days after that, I wasn’t “merry” at all. My rather plump figure brought my self-confident to the lowest point. I had difficulties in buying clothes but at the same time, I had to stock up my wardrobe with lots of new clothes and skirts simply because I can’t fit in into my old clothes already. I need to go for a size 42 (the biggest size) skirt at MNG, Topshop or Zara. And I have to avoid wearing pants or jeans as well due to my big hips. To cover my fleshy arms, I bought a few pieces of cropped jacket (which was quite popular then, luckily~) to go with my sleeveless tops. Sobz, how I hate my bulging tummy, arms and butt! Imagine, a girl in her early 20’s - young, bubbly and (not so) pretty.. But yet, she can’t enjoy all the pretty clothes in the world. Moreover, my biggest obsession is not shoes or handbags or bling blings but clothes.

I can’t forget this particular comment from a lady at a flea market at Singapore… “I think you couldn’t fit into this top one lah..” in an impolite tone. Her comment really hits me hard. At times, honesty is cruel.

Besides, my low self-esteem affected my overall social life too. Not wanting to hear nasty comment, I stay away from all type of gatherings as much as I can. Every time when I get comments like “Eh, you fat already leh…bla..” I will just laugh it off and pretend I don’t mind but deep down inside, I’m frustrated.

Dinner at The Curve - June '05
Attire: MNG cropped jacket
~ Oh my, my hair was so short!

July '05
Attire: Cropped cardigan (bought from some kiosk at 1U)
~ I used to be a fans of Amber Chia.

Christmas '05
Attire: Jacket (bought at Klang Parade)
~ Was one of my favorite jacket backthen.

Carol's Bday Jan '06
Attire: SUB cropped cardigan
~ This cardigan hide up my flabby arm perfectly.

Gathering Nov '06
Attire: PDI cropped jacket
~ Har, I miss u ;(

Christmas '06
Attire: Same as above
~ A pix of me & ME :D

Singapore Trip Dec '06
Attire: Cropped Jeans Jacket.
~ It's actually longer than that. I altered it shorter myself with a dummy method of "draw & cut". This is another jacket which provides perfect coverage for my arms. However, "it" had retired now...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 3

Tease and Sneeze

While I’m happily enjoying my free lunch everyday, my flesh is happily growing too. Colleagues started to make fun of my plump figure. Worst still, one (guy) called me “Fei poh”. How kind of him ~ They use me as a bad example to warn others or themselves not to overeat. *thank you* -_- I know that I need to control my diet once again. But my detox plan isn’t working as well as I planned it to be. I love vegetables but eating it every meal without any seasoning for a few days in a row, wasn’t a good idea at all. My energy level was low and I ended up feeling tired and dizzy. Drinking meal replacement juices doesn’t make me feel any better.

“Your blood pressure is low” said doctor. These few words gleefully ended my detox plan. In fact, I felt relieved thinking of I don’t need to continue on that dreadful detox diet anymore! No more tasteless steam vege, no more gulping down a big glass of detox tea after every meal, no more stomach ache, no more mood swings….
Welcome back, my beloved rice! Well, what can I say? I failed tremendously… Never mind, I have decided to be fat and merry :D

Celebrating 21st Birthday at a "balia" karaoke - 2004

Taiko Annual Dinner - 2004

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Quick Lunch at 天津, Ipoh

天津 – is a must-visit kopitiam at Ipoh. Been here 3 years ago and up to this day, I’m still very much infatuated with their signature Caramel Pudding.

Arming with GPS in Chris’s PDA, we found our way to 天津 kopitiam without much effort. As usual, it’s packed with people during lunch time but we manage to find ourselves a table. The first thing I asked the aunty who order drinks was “还有 Caramel Pudding 吗?” (Is Caramel Pudding still available?).
I remember during the first time I was here, they only have one left and it’s not even afternoon yet. End up, we have to share one tiny caramel pudding among 5-6 of us… We get like a small teaspoon portion for each person, merely enough to fill my tongue. Now you can understand why I’m so 紧张..

Caramel Pudding
Ate two of this.. I deserve it after years of waiting. When the pudding melts inside your mouth….Ahh, heaven ~
Thick caramel sauce adds charm to the already-perfect pudding.
Why are puddings so seductive?

As far as I can remember, I had my first pudding at Esquire Kitchen (大人餐厅) where it used to be one of my Aunt Serena favorite restaurant. My late mother attempted to make pudding for us according to a recipe she created wholly based on her own imagination and failed, literally. She used the basic idea of steaming a normal egg and improvised it by adding sugar into it, thinking that it’ll eventually turn out to be a sweet pudding-like thingy. All I can see then was a sweet steam egg full of wrinkles… The taste? You imagine it! :D What a memory I have about pudding…

From the name, I expected it to have a strong taste of tea but to my surprise, the tea tasted rather sweet. But when eaten together with the egg, it’s nice and chilling.

Kueh Teow Soup
Another must-try at Ipoh. Can almost find Kueh Teow Soup in every kopitiam, but I haven’t found my own favorite yet.

Fat & juicy bean sprouts
It’s not just any other bean sprouts; it’s the renowned extra fat and juicy bean sprouts. Those we would normally eat in the city were a B or C grade - malnutrition bean sprouts. Apparently, the quality of water in Ipoh is good, thus healthy bean sprouts are produced.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sushi Zanmai II

This was my 3rd visit to Zanmai. I’m pretty satisfied with the food photos taken this time around as the natural daylight was sufficient enough. The quality of the photos considered as good compared to those taken in dim light restaurant – which will affect the ‘real feel’ of the entire photo. Mind that, I’m using my 3 years old Sony Camera.

These photos were taken 2 months back. So I can’t recall the name for each dishes o.O
Those with names are purely created by me with own imagination and creativity :D
So, during the time when you dine at Zanmai, don’t ask for “One Colourful Ball please…”
It’ll makes the waiter go “…………..??” *mouth open big big*

Well, a picture worth a thousand words. Here are a few photos to make your stomach growls…. :>

Oh my, I can’t even can think of a name for this.. *think hard* All I can remember is… Hmm, it’s yummy ~ =.=

Oh, this is my fav – Colourful Balls.

Prawn Sushi with a generous topping of Mayo & Spring Onion.. Mmm, simply love everything with a lot of Spring Onions.

Prawn Tempura Sushi Roll……?

Crispy Fried Prawn Sushi coated with a tad of black sesame

Cod Fish in Teepanyaki Sauce

Ok, I remember this!! Strawberry Parfait!! ^^
Wee… Strawberry ice-cream serves with bits of strawberry chunks, whipped cream and a handful of cornflakes.
Ahhh… definitely a girl-killer :D Don’t you agree with me? It’s irresistible ~

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Believe me, it's exercise! < Benefits of Exercise >

Is that something very unbelievable anyway? Exercise really does help to shed those extra kilos and inches away. In fact, exercise is a very important element in life. Many researches show that exercise will also:-

1. Strengthens your heart and lungs – exercise helps our cardiovascular system - the circulation of blood through heart and blood vessel, to work more efficiently.

2. Improves your mood – because exercise stimulates various brain chemicals, which may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.

3. Promotes better sleeps – the natural dip in body temperature five to six hours after exercise might help you to fall asleep faster.
Hey, I can confirm this! I doze off more easily after workout.

4. Adds sparkle and radiance to complexion – the rising of heart rate will draws blood to the surface of the body taking nutrition to the skin cells and get rid of the toxins.

5. Alleviate menstrual cramps – vigorous exercise helps our body to release endorphins that help counteract the cramp-producing chemicals that are part of the menstrual cycle.
My menstrual cramps are more bearable nowadays. It used to be a source of monthly dread.

These are just a fewwwww benefits from exercise. There are too many to be listed here.

And I heard you saying…
“Oh… you see, I’m simply too exhausted to exercise afterwork” and
“Excuse me, I don’t even have time to go pangsai, let alone exercise!”

Haha! A bit too drama…

I truly undertand because I used give the same reason too. But for the sake of a healthier body and a better looking body figure, it’s all worth it. It’s fun anyway! I’m not talking about strenuous weight-lifting or back-aching sit-ups... I’m talking about fun dance classes.
Especially for those like me who enjoyed dancing, it’s almost an effortless way to exercise. Just follow the steps and rhythm and you’ll be dancing all the way to fitness!


P/s: I must also say that I am lucky enough to have a Fitness Centre nearby and a 9 to 6 job – where time and location suit my conveniences.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Believe me, it's exercise! < No Diet pills! >

Since after I had slimmed down, I did receive some comment like
“You took diet pills arr?” or
“You have lost weight drastically since after you joined your current company (which is a slimming centre), you took their slimming program arr?” with a skeptical tone.

The first or second time I’ll answer delightfully with a tinge of pride “Nolah, I went to gym twice a week to join their dance classes and I watch my diet.. reduce rice intake, eat more veggies...bla bla bla”

But when the third or fourth time came around… I started to answer tediously like “Noooooooo ~ I really didn’t consume diet pills and I didn’t do any slimming treatment, I just exercise and watch what I eat” with an innocent expression on my face. This enough to shows that there are many people out there who don’t believe in the benefits of exercise... or they might be just too lazy to do even believe it? Well well...

During the fifth, sixth.....tenth time, I think I should answer this way “Oh yalah, I took Slim10 diet pills ma..very efficient wei, 10 days can lose 10kgs. You see me you know lah”

Happy now? -_-

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot Chocolate, Bolster and A Beauty Sleep ~

…..was my lifesaver during those days of the month.

In fact, I need to make my brain to release lots endorphins to relieve my menstrual cramps. The pain is more bearable nowadays compare to last time since I have started my workout regime. But still…. I need my chocolate-y drinks and bolster - my lifesaver. However, the best of all remedies so far is… sleeps. On those days, all a girl wanted to do besides binging on chocolates or punching her pillow is a good sleep because we tends to feel tired and sluggish.

I do envy those girls who doesn’t experience any pain during their menstruation. I had done everything I could to improve the situation like exercising, avoid cold drinks and foods. Yes, the pain is lesser now but to not have any pain at all seems like something impossible for me. I have accepted this fact years ago, so all I can do is live with it. I shall be grateful though because many women even have to depend on strong painkillers to ease the pain. Painkillers works wonder but it’s a no-no for me. I don’t want to be reliant on it as I believe it will somehow bring harm to my health in the long run.
So…. gimme ma Coffee Bean’s Hot Chocolate now!! RAWRrr.....

* Post written on 19th July 08

Thursday, July 17, 2008

给我一个“包包” - < II >

在做著 Clearance Sales 的包包不少 但是我第一眼就看中了那小小个的迷你 sling bag (因为其他的都很 aunty :p)。

将它挂在肩膀上。。。感觉不错哦。价钱。。有 50% 折呢。心里面以经在喊著 “我想要买啊。。!” 哈哈!

Chris 还问我 “你喜不喜欢啊?” 我心里面笑着说 “难道我的 Dadi 要买给我?嘻嘻!”
可惜我手上拿著的那一个是最后一个了。其实是没有什么问题的 只是它有一小部分的铁片 有一些不明来历的印。据说这是正常的。后来 Chris 提议我们去别的购物场再找看看。这从来都是他的作风 就是买东西一定要新的。所以‘寻包’行动就在 The Garden 剪开了~

去了Pavilion 和 Starhill 都找不到。然后 Chris 还特地弯进 KLCC 因为看到有 Coach 的店。。好,终于找到了。。浅咖啡色的 -__-” 那位Sales assistant 试着说服我说 “咖啡色看起来会比较年轻。。” 但我还是比较喜欢黑的。如果我要咖啡色的话,我早就在 The Garden 买了。结果在 KLCC 只逗留了二十多分钟。所以最后我们也只好乖乖的回到 The Garden 去。搞了一整天,还是要回到 The Garden 买那个有小瑕疵的包包。无奈。。

好了,其实我最想分享的不是 “寻包”的过程 而是我除了开心可以买到一个包包之外,在这 “寻包”的过程当中我又再一次看到了他对我的宠爱。听起来会有一点肉麻的感觉 也别以为我在炫耀 只是我很不禁地会问我自己 他....是否太宠我了?

他总是会尽量的去实现我每一个小小的梦想。看着他为了我那可恶的贪念 一整天跑来跑去 连车油都用了不少 我不得不觉得感动。当然除了感动之外 还有一丝丝的内疚。唉,都怪我自己这么的任性。幸好我是以个很懂得珍惜的人。我绝对不是那种 take it for granted 的人。所以我会更加努力的帮他烫衣服 更疼他!:D

Going to eat your face ~ ><


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

给我一个“包包” - < I >

上一个星期六 足足走了七八间 Shopping Centre。有一点夸张吧,哈哈!不过有一半是为了一个我喜欢的包包。

在 The Garden 时,Chris 拉我进了Coach 的店。他说 Coach 在举行着大减价。他们 Clearance Sales 的牌还真小的 难怪我没有注意到啦。不过我也很少去注意这些品牌的店 因为我现在的收入不允许我这么做。偶尔作一下白日梦就有啦 ~

还记得在我少年时,一点都不会看上什么 LV,Gucci 的包包。一,我没钱。二,一点都不觉得它美。反而会好奇为什么这么多女人会为它而疯狂。为什么她们愿意花这么多钱去买这么难看的包包啊?真想不通。

到我现在长大了点,品味又不一样了。慢慢开始可以接受那些我曾经觉得很丑的包包。有一些还蛮好看的! 发现原来这些包包除了可以满足一个女人对物质上的欲望之外,它也是个时尚的标记。提起一个 LV 的包包,信心仿佛大大的增加了 也许面子也因此而提升了。我一点都没有夸张,这几乎是代表了每个女人的心声。否则女人哪里会想尽办法要的到它。

至于我自己呢,我才刚刚拥有了我第一个所谓的名牌包。它是 Coach 的一个 “mini” Sling Bag。为什么要强调 “mini” 这个字呢?是因为它真的很 mini !其实它不适合象我这么多垃圾的人用,但是我喜欢它 -______-
除了看起来不错,价钱也算是 ok。打了50% 折,是 RM488。 这个价钱对某些人来说不算是很高, 但它是我这么大以来有过最贵的包包!><


LV? 等我以后有钱了才算。。也不要为了想拥有,免强自己去买一个。象 Chris 的一句名言 “如果你用着的是一个名牌包包,但是钱包里面是空的,没钱的,这样也很没有意思吧” 我非常同意他这样的说法。 ^^

下一集再回 ~ ^^

Monday, July 14, 2008

给他们的情书 ~

虽然我最后还是回到了他们的怀抱, 但是我依然想把我写给他们一个短短的情书 post 在我的 blog 里 因为我写的每一句都是我心里的一些话 ~


Shui Mui @ Yann Ling,
刚刚开始认识你的时候, 你有点酷酷的。真的没有想到你是那么的爱讲话, 有时后还蛮长气的。 哈哈! 但是无可否认的是, 不知不觉你以经成为了我的好知己。虽然你外表看起来好像不是很成熟, 但是我知道你是个很懂事的人。
以后就不能每天和你斗嘴了。 你也再不会常常听到我叫你肥婆了, 开心吧?我会很想你的。

Wey Wei,
我和你一样,是个很爱讲笑话的人。 好听一点就是幽默, 难听一点是“三八”。哈哈! 吹牛王这个称号, 非我们莫属了!
真的很佩服你。 看到你每天这么忙碌的, 有接不完的电话, 永远做不完的东西,你还是可以应付得来,你真能干!继续奴力吧,加油!你很棒的!


Siok Wei,
你很勇敢哦。从 Account 跳去 Marketing. 看到你每天也是忙忙碌碌的,连我也感受得到你的付出和努力。又是一个好榜样 :) 我相信你以后一定会很成功的 ~ 加油加油!

Oh Terri sweetie, I’ll miss you dearly. You are such a nice person. I really enjoyed chatting with you because you always got something to share with us. I can learn a lot from you too as you have a wide knowledge and experience. Take care ya ~ Drink more water not coffee, go for biscuit instead of cigarette. Ok ok, I know you hate it :p

Mdm Mah,
Mdm, I feel so sorry that I have to leave so soon. I’d definitely stay until you got a new assistant if I can do so. I hope you’ll get a new assistant very soon. Thanks for all your patience and guidance. You are a good superior.

If you were to ask me which company is my favourite so far, without doubt I’d say it’s Bizzy Body. You all have given me a truly enjoyable and happy working environment for 8 months. It’s going to be one of my precious memories.

我真的很舍不得你们。 但是人生就是这样,有相聚,有分离。。我一定会很想你们。。

P/s: If I have any wrong grammar or words in Chinese/English, so sorry ya ~ :P


这就是他们 "疼" 我的方式了
This is how they "sayang" me ><

And this is how we "sayang" her XD

搞到他偶尔会疯掉 ~
At times, it makes her mad ~

但我们依然在同一条船上 ~
But we are still rocking on the same boat ~

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Golden Opportunity – Cracked, literally < II >

Emailed to company R.

6 months…..

They promise to reserve this opportunity for 6 months.

Within these 6 months….
- Chris needs to go through the deliberation all over again.
- If possible, Chris wanted to visit Australia to have a look at their places, environment, etc.

Well, at least the opportunity is still there… May as well have to give credit to the email that I drafted for Chris :D

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Golden Opportunity – Cracked, literally < I >

Chris finally turned down the golden opportunity - an opportunity that will not always come by or might never come again. Moreover, it used to be one of my BIG dreams to become an ----- Aussie Baby. I never expect it will come so near to us, it’s within our reach. Just a “Yes” reply to that company, Chris will be flying to Aussie for half a year. And if everything sails smoothly, I will be flying there one month later. I thought I will be very excited if Chris receives a positive response from the company but…. no, not at all. Yes, I’m excited but just for a moment. Thinking of Chris has to be there alone for the first month, my heart drops. Maybe my emotion was affected by Chris too. Imagine, a person who never leave home and stay alone before.. it really does require a lot of courage to step out from the comfort zone. Chris was somewhat skeptical about the working life in Australia. In fact, both of us have been dilemma since the appointment letter was received. To go or not to go? It’s a tough decision to make. Chris even listed down the pros and cons.

Pros: Better exposure, good career advancement, fatter paycheck, can go travel around Australia, no need to be a ‘Katak di bawah tempurung’ :D

Cons: Homesick, not much friends, high cost of house rental, no mum’s home cooked dinner.

See, the cons is more to the emotional side. After all, it’s not only about the paycheck; it’s also about not be able to be with loved ones.

As for me, applying a longer period of visa is quite a hassle as I neither have a good-looking employment history nor a fat balance in my bank account. Nonetheless, I can opt for the hassle-free Visitor ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) which can be applied and approved through their website. The conditions are: I have to come back to Malaysia every 3 months and I must not work while I’m in Australia within 12 months of visa validity. As long as we can afford the air tickets, it’s not a big issue.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yo-Yo Slimming Diary - Page 2

Walk the Walk
Not too long after I graduated from college, I got a job nearby my house within walking distance. In the beginning, I carpool to work with my colleague who happens to stay nearby my house. However after she resigned, I have to travel all the way to work by Bus No. 11, which was… both of my legs. Funny…no? This was what they used to describe my “transportation” back then. Morning – I walk to work, Offwork – I walk back home; which sum up to around 30-40 minutes of workout everyday, ultimately. Without even I realize it, I’ve lost weigh! Later on, I even joined a swimming class once a week and guess what? I wore a bikini… and it looks good on me (this is wholly my own opinion la.. Ha!). I even wore a bikini to my Lang Tengah trip.

2004: Slim ~

2004: Slim ~~

The Beginning of My Fat Phase
Recommended by a close friend, I joined Taiko Marketing. They offer a real good deal for their staffs. Beside standard benefits like annual leave, medical leave, Epf and Socso, they also provide OT claim, Free lunch and 5 days week. Who can resist a 5 days week and free lunch?? And yes…. Free lunch cheerfully announces the beginning of my fat phase.
Every morning, each staff has to sign the attendance book and pre-order our lunch at the same time. We have many varieties to choose – from Vegetarian, Chicken, Fish or Curry rice to Wan Tan Mee, Noodles soup and Fried Rice. On special days, we can even order specialties like Kampar Chee Cheong Fun. Doesn’t fancy a heavy lunch on a certain day? Ahh, no problem, you can order a box of fruits. How nice! At times when there is any Salesmen went out for appointment during lunch time, we’ll grab his lunchbox and make it as our additional dishes. Like we Chinese always say in Cantonese “Mou sai ma….” (Do not waste…) Besides, we like to binge on those never-ending-supplies of snacks.

How I miss those days….. except for the fact that I’m fat after that -__-

2005: Fat!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Uhuhu @ Pavilion

Stumbled upon Uhuhu when we are walking out from The Loaf. Uhuhu?? Sounds like coughing… “Uhuk.. Uhuk…” :D
Don’t be fooled, this is non-other than the legendary cheese cake (more to giant cupcakes to me) that get many good reviews from food bloggers.

On one sunny afternoon, we decided to explore the sweet young thingy (young??). At first we choose 2-3 flavours of the cheese cakes, but the shop assistant told us that if we buy 5, we’ll get one free and a lovely box as well. We selected Stylo Milo, Glitzy Strawberries, Harmonious Green Tea, Durian Obsession, Lustrous Coffee and Luxurious Chocolate. Each of them tastes nice. I especially like the fluffiness of the cheese cake. If I have to pick a favourite among the six flavours, it will be….. Lustrous Coffee. I simply like the bitter taste of the coffee powder on top of it. I advice you not to chew on the coffee bean because it’s hard and taste rather bitter >.<

Beside that, their box is nicely designed and printed too. What’s more? It’s pink…! *adore*
Starting to appreciate the box more than the cheese cake :P I have the urge to bring the box home… but thinking of the box will eventually end up as yet another dust collector in my room, I reluctantly left it there.

End up; I’m too full to finish all the cheese cakes. Except for Chris who have to force all the remaining cheese cakes into stomach till the last bits o_O
Burp..! Gee…no more cheese cakes for at least 1 month…..

The lOvely bOx ~ *Bring Me Home*

Left: Stylo Milo, Glitzy Strawberries, Harmonious Green Tea
Right: Durian Obsession, Lustrous Coffee, Luxurious Chocolate

My Favourite ~ Lustrous Coffee

Glitzy Strawberries ~ Sweet, Sour & Tangy

Stylo Milo ~ Not very "milo", taste bland..

Can't bring it home ma take pictures lo... >.

P/s: Chris's favourite is Durian Obsession.. Durian-freak!

Let's say Cheese (^u^)V !!
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