Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gifts Exchanging @ Bakerzin ~

The Game: We randomly picked up a piece of paper with our name written separately in each paper. Next, we start our mission.

Duration : 1 hour.

Budget: RM60 or more

1 Utama

Dining / Meeting Place:

The Gifts ~

~ The gifts

~ For Iling - T-back + Angklet :p
It's a last-minute decision. I'm out of time.. :s I should have get her a XS instead of S for the T-back.

~ Me - Anna Sui Mascara
Chris - Necklace

The Foods ~

~ Strawberry Slices

Iling ‘s fav. The never ending Strawberry affair ~

~ Crayfish Pasta

Crayfish is some kind of lobster-like seafood.

~ Ham, Bacon and Mushroom Flaky Pizza

A very light and crispy pizza.

~ Profiteros ( Ice Cream top with Chocolate Sauce and Almond Flakes)

~ Warm Chocolate Cake (Must Try!!)

A must try in Bakerzin! The warm chocolate fillings inside will melt your heart away ~

~ Paparazzi Iling's snapshot (Mo liu!) >.

I'm trying on my new mascara, and Iling go "snap" like a paparazzi.

~ Dadi & Me

~Iling , Me & Chris

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